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What's up guys, John here.

UP10TION HAS RELEASED THEIR TITLE TRACK MV "Tonight" for their album "Summer Go"!! The album was released August 5th at midnight (KST). This is their 4th mini album sincd those debut in September(2015) with "Top Secret". The mini album include songs "Tonight", "Magic", "Oasis", "My Luck", and " Beautiful". On August 5 at midnight KST, UP10TION dropped their mini album “Summer Go!”, which is the group’s fourth mini album since their debut in September of 2015 with “Top Secret.” The mini album features the tracks “Tonight,” “Beautiful,” “Oasis,” “Magic,” and “Be My Luck.”
The MV was also released and it looks amazing. In the video the members are having a great time hanging out in the summer. They have a pool party, roll disco balls around the city and, of course, show off some awesome dance moves. The song sounds really nice and gives a nice summer feel to anyone who listens. Credit to article here
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