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I sat in the back of the van, a pout on my face, looking down at my lap. I secretly hoped this was just a prank the guys were pulling on me, but knew the probability of that was slim.

“How old are you now?” My head snapped up to look at the driver. He hadn’t said a word until now.

“I’m 21,” I answered cautiously.

“Look at you, able to drink now!” I nodded. I thought I was being kidnapped. Why was he acting so friendly towards me all of a sudden? “I remember when I was your age. Those were the days.” I blankly stared at him. “I know you’re probably confused as to why I’m talking to you.” I slowly nodded. “The truth is, it’s my birthday too.” My eyes widened. “And I felt bad about ruining your birthday.”

“Did I ruin your birthday too?”

“I wouldn’t blame you for ruining my birthday. It’s my boss’s fault for ordering me to do this.”

“How old are you know?”

“Yah, isn’t it impolite to ask an old man his age?” He chuckled

“I thought it was just impolite to ask women.”

“I’m 35. My family was expecting me to be home tonight, but that probably won’t happen now.”

“You have a family?” He didn’t seem like the type of guy who had a family. Especially with this kind of job.

“I know, surprising right? I have a wife and three daughters. They are 3, 8, and 14 years old. The four loves of my life.”

“Do they know you do this kind of stuff?” His smile fell.

“No, I could never tell my wife what kind of work I do,” he mumbled.

“Are they home right now?”

“They should be.”

“Why don’t we go see them?”

“I don’t know about that. You could be trying to escape. My boss would kill me if he found out you escaped.”

“I’m sure your daughters would be really excited to meet a member of BTS,” I smirked. I watched him ponder the thought.

“Fine, but no tricks. I can have you unconscious in seconds if you try to pull anything.” I nodded eagerly. He called his wife to let her know he was going to visit soon with a guest, and to have lunch ready.

We stopped in front of a small house 15 minutes later. He looked back at me with a serious face.

“I mean it. You try and pull anything, you’ll get it.” He got out of the car and opened the passenger door. He quickly untied my hands allowing me freedom at last. I followed him to the front door, and watched him mess with a loop of keys before finally finding the right one, and unlocking the door.

“Daddy is home!” I watched a little girl with her hair in pigtails coming running to the door. Her father crouched down as she jumped into his arms to give him a hug. I quietly entered the house, and closed the door behind me.

“Daddy! Who is the special guest?” Another girl, who I assumed was the 8 year old, came running out from the same place as the youngest girl. When she saw me, her eyes grew as wide as saucers. “UNNIE!” She screamed before running away.

“I’ll take that as she knows who I am?” He set the toddler down and chuckled.

“Of course she does. My two older daughters adore your group. I’ll introduce you, and then we can eat. I’m sure my wife is almost done making lunch.” I nodded. The little girl walked up to me, and tugged on my shirt. I crouched down to her height to see what she wanted.

“Hello my name is Min Bora, and I am three years old.” She held up three fingers, and I smiled at her.

“My name is Kim Taehyung. Nice to meet you.”

“Today is my Appa’s birthday, and mommy baked him a special cake. But you can’t tell him! It’s a surprise,” she whispered. I gave her a nod before picking her up, and walking towardsb the noise.

“Appa, tell Yuri to stop lying! She thinks V from BTS is at our house right now. That’s impossible!”

“I’m not lying! I saw him with my own eyes!”

“You were just seeing things. He doesn’t even know that we exist.” I chuckled at the two girls.

“Well I do now.” I walked into the kitchen to see their faces light up.

“No. Way.”

“Yes way,” I nodded.

“Are you really Kim Taehyung from BTS?” The eldest asked.

“Last time I checked I was.”

“He’s really here! In our house! Appa you’re the best!” I watched Yuri run to her father, and give him a hug.

“Lunch is on the table girls,” A woman said while walking into the kitchen. I set Bora down, and she ran to her mom.

“Eomma, Taehyung from BTS is at our house,” The eldest cried as she ran out of the kitchen to where I assumed the table was. She looked over at me, and I immediately greeted her with a bow.

“So you’re the special guest my husband was talking about?”

“Ah yes I am.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t prepare something more for lunch. I wasn’t expecting an idol to come to our house,” she chuckled.

“I’m sure whatever you cooked is delicious. I haven’t had a home cooked meal in quite some time.” I sat at the table with the family as we ate and told stories. It reminded me of my family, and how we used to all eat lunch and dinner together before I became an idol.

“I’d say it’s time for dessert,” Mrs. Min announced after everyone was done with lunch. She disappeared into the kitchen while the oldest, Nari, handed out the smaller set of plates.

“Thank you Nari,” I said throwing her a smile. She blushed while mumbling a ‘you’re welcome’, and moving on to the next person. Mrs. Min came back with a round cake, decorated with 8 candles.

“Let’s sing Happy Birthday to Appa,” she told the girls after lighting the last candle.

“Eomma, it’s Tae’s birthday too,” Yuri said. Mrs. Min looked at me, and I nodded that it was true.

“Alright, then let’s sing Happy Birthday to Appa and Taehyung.” We blew out the candles at the end of the song, and Mrs. Min cut the cake into slices, placing one on everyone’s plate. While I didn’t get to celebrate my birthday with my members, I was very thankful that I wasn’t alone. Plus, I got free cake. That beats free ice cream any day.

Everyone wanted me to continue the short story with Tae, so I did! Hope everyone is happy with how his birthday turned out. I kinda wanted to make it a bit happy. I've been going through a bit of a rough time lately, which is why my updates haven't been frequent. Honestly, reading all of the comments you guys leave me really keeps me going, and brightens my mood! I really want to know how you guys are liking the story so far! I haven't really gotten any comments lately, and it makes me wonder if people are actually reading and liking where the story is going... I love talking to you guys, and hearing your opinions! There have been times where I've wondered if I shouldn't continue writing, but I haven't given up yet! I will keep writing as long as people are reading and enjoying my stories. Saranghaeyo!
I'm enjoying the story. I just don't comment much because I really don't have much to say.
I really like your story! Please keep it going. I sometimes don't comment a lot since I don't know what to add that someone hasn't already said.
@VIPFreak2NE1 guess we'll have to wait and find out when the wife questions the husband in the next chapter 😎
Yes he finally got his free desert! The kids are so cute but wouldn't you be a little suspicious as to why an idol suddenly shows up at your house?
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