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This new black and white neutral colors scheme really fits them. it looks dark, and I like that.
My best friend died over this. Ravi is her ultimate bias. I also love his silver hair
N still has the eye so I wonder why and these photos are just perfect.
LEO oppa is my ultimate bias. So I am currently dead. That eye patch is hauntingly cool.
Damm, Hongbin is looking pretty. the more I look at these photos the more excited I am for the comeback. ahhhhh.
Ken's hair is my favorite that snow tips are just on point. To me Ken looks like a ghost.
Hyuk is looking extra sexy. HYUK YOU ARE THE MAKNAE. STOP. You are supposed to be cute.
@tronnor17 HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?!?!?!
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I'm exciteddd😁
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