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Ayo Ayo.............DID U ALL MISS ME???? If u didn't.............WELL I DID xD I'M BACK FOR THE AFTERLIFE How was everyone doing??? Missed all you notifications and crazy stuff u do guy's ;D What you gon read is kind of long, but it explains everything....I hope you all understand ;")
Well i have to say what happen to me since we're all family here :') Oh well where should i begin. One of my close CLOSE friends....well she was like a sister to me.....Um yeah i don't have any sisters so she took that place and that sloth never had me thinking she was a friend to me but a REAL Sisie ;'( if you all wondering why i called her sloth ;') she was the kind that hugs A LOT....and the kind that is EXTREMELY LAZY..Like i mean it EXTREMELY...and well she made me one too... Hahaha Also she was ALWAYS smiling even when she is sick she'd still smile.....She was suffering from Anorexia Nervosa. It started on January 1st, 2014 till August 1st, 2016.......2 years 2 years suffering without having a mother, only a father that was working his life out to make money for her hospital bills.....I couldn't see her dad like that, so i found 3 jobs and had to work everyday just to make money and help her dad. My family wasn't happy with my decision at first, but as they saw how important that sloth was important to me. They supported me. I wasn't mad to work 3 jobs a everyday. Even if i looked so exhausted, i'd try my hardest to not show it in front of her. Because she didn't know that these jobs were for her, cuz if she knew she'd stop me from working. So i kept it a secret from her, and her dad cuz both will stop me immediately. So, basically everyday i would go visit her, and she had a hobby playing piano. Because she had to stay at the hospital for these 2 yrs, on her birthday which was August 8th me and my fam bought her a piano, and we had it in her room, so every time she'd play songs for me she even learnt my fav OST and played it for me. The OST was "It's okay, That's Love" By Davichi. This song is my EVERYTHING. I really love it. Especially when she plays it, It's just sounds so Angelic...*Sigh* She wasn't a kpopper ;") so she'd always tease me with them saying "Ewwww...Look at these them, HOW COULD U LOVE SUCH TURTLES" She had me dying when she said that, but even tho she didn't like kpop i'd except her hate comments and all the teasing, cuz couldn't just couldn't feel mad at her, but she said " I only praticed that song because you like it Changki" she also calls me Changki cuz she knows my UB is Changkyun "I.M"....;"") August 1st was the day i had to pay her 13th payment, but the nurses didn't let me which was weird, and their faces has that sadness look....I felt something, and that felling i didn't like it it was like as if you were jumping from a mountain. And they didn't let me go inside her room, cuz she you know....Anyways, her dad was so shocked and i couldn't stand i just found myself on the ground. I couldn't even cry, because i didn't want her dad to see me like that cuz he once told me "The beauty doesn't match the rain" so basically he hated when he saw me or her crying. So, i couldn't cry. I was so shocked, that i felt numb. And there she was.....Gone X'''( I felt sorry for everything i did. i felt like i didn't even worked hard for her to stay with me, her last words to me were "HEY....Make sure you call me when you get home, and take a pic of what you eating, cuz i don't like you skinny" and.....and that was it she just went like that.....But i'm pretty sure she's in a happy place rn and looking over her father now. I hope she's doing well up there ;"( I miss her already her birthday was a only week away
That's the same exact song she played, The same exact notes and everything. I'm sorry but i don't want to share her video playing piano.....please understand why ;")
I also wanna say Thank you all for all these amazing cards you did for me, the support you have showed me. I didn't about them till now cu basically @BBXGD did that as a surprise for me so she prevented me from opening any social media i have....Thank you Unni for your collection it was such an amazing welcome back surprise. Also I won't forget my lovelies KinkLitMonBe Squadu for all their amazing support they gave me. And all the vinglers...well Fam here that gave me strength to be back and be strong in that situation. All the cards you made drew a smile in my face. Thank you ALSO ALL OF U NEVER FAILED TO KILL ME WITH ALL THESE PICS U HAD ON YOUR CARDS......GODDAMIT THEY WERE HELLA GOOD xD
And yupe once again. Be careful cuz THE MICHIN IS BACK xD
I swear you all make me blush SO HARD sometimes. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE To All Vingle Fam. I promise i'll work harder, and be a good person to everyone, and to all my squad. Also, i promise to be a better Moderator for MX Community. I'm sorry i wasn't posting a lot.....UGH PLEASE LOVE ME VINGLE FIGHTING *Punch*...Ops soryy didn't meant it *smierks* HEHEHE


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Recently, my best friend from middle school passed away, suicide, and I understand you,for I had also lost someone dearly to me yet, I felt like I had done nothing to her when she was having the toughest time of her life. I'm so sorry to hear your loss too. I hope you feel better with time.
@LocoForJiyong Thank you. You guys never fails on making the person feel better :") You all are legends 💙💙💖💖
@MelissaGarza :") Omg That was so sweet. Thank you. You too have a big place in my heart all Vingle does *happy tears* *hugs*
@Lexxcisco *Hugs back tight* Awwwh bobo Thanks for your kindness love. You all gave me a big strength that's why I'm back. I couldn’t leave u all like that
@KhouYang Ooh I'm so sorry for your loss hun. Ik she's in a better place rn. Ik EXACTLY how u's not easy at all hope we forget our pain through time 😧😧 Stay strong Chingu and always remember now she's save with God :")
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