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Yeah Spoilers and Mature content but before that a boring story- The reason I haven't done the other one of these is because my tablet caught a virus and I had to factory reset it so I lost my stuff and have been trying to get it all back- boring story over on to the card :3
Day 23 Least favorite Genre I don't have a least favorite genre because my palette is eclectic for everything. I just like to enjoy whatever I read or watch which is something I think others should probably do to :3 I haven't read any Yaoi or Yuri manga I've only read Yaoi and Yuri "manga" if you catch my drift so if anybody could recommend some series that'd be great :)
Day 24 Surprise plot twist I love/hate First the one I love Sinbad is reveled to be king David from the past this was awesome crazy because he did mention he was half fallen and I just assumed that was a djinn thing he had, now I know it's because he's EVIIIIIIIL (SpongeBob reference) and at the same time of this reveal that Sinbad is David it's also revealed that Ren Hakuei is actually Ren Gyokuen. I dunno how they gotta explain that one to me but yeah it was a kick ass reveal on both parts. The one I hate is Obito being Tobi. "They have similar names it's obvious" didn't matter to me Obito had his entire right side crushed by THE BOULDER (avatar reference which if you haven't seen....just evaluate your life in a mirror >:( jk :P) but when it was revealed Tobi was Obito the ENTIRE time I was disappointed. They had this mysterious character they could have done literally anything with and they wasted it on a cheap "oh it was him all along tee-hee" I was let down by the reveal but mostly I was pissed
Day 25 Shonen or Shojo I prefer Shonen over Shojo because it's where I was introduced into Manga, The creative writing detailed characters and engaging story are what made me fall in love with manga. I have read Shojo manga and while great Shonen manga is what I prefer personally.
Day 26 Favorite Female character Yoruichi from Bleach. Yoruichi is by far a kick ass character she has an awesome backstory that has multiple layers to it revealing there's also a lot to her personality charismatic, smoking hot, ethnic and a bad ass in a fight Yoruichi is a beauty of a character in general and thanks to the man Tite Kubo for bringing such a bad ass to the universe :3 Honorable mention to Elizabeth from Nanatsu no Taiza she broke the stigma that is a main support female role for me by not beating the living hell out of the MC for doing or saying perverted things just as such she doesn't fawn over the MC either she's there and helpful respect to her and her creator
Day 27 Favorite Male character Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach. Ichigo is my favorite male character through and through and that has most part to do with what he is. Ichigo is just a teenager, basically a kid thrown into a world which he had no preparation for and has to act and react based off the information he is given. Ichigo has so much going on and a lot to fight for but he's had no knowledge of any of this prior so he doesn't have the necessary preparations to handle whatever situation is thrown at him. I'm not saying he should have Lelouch's reaction time or for knowledge nor am I saying he should be able to react to or handle any situation despite little to no knowledge I'm just saying you get to grow with Ichigo as he reacts like someone would with how things are handled. Like in the arc that's regarded as the worst and the reason Bleach lost it's fanbase the Fullbring arc Ichigo broke down after getting his power stolen. I thought that was fine looking at the events leading up to it Ichigo's family and friends turned against him and the person he thought he could trust stole the thing he was fighing for, the logical response would be to break down. Ichigo is a logical character who is well built up, ya know plus he's a bad ass c'mon you know you've yelled Bankai at least once. Honorable mentions to Itsuki "Ikki" Minami. I thought Ikki was a kick ass character who just did things for fun. Yeah he has a team and he wants them to be the best but he started riding and doing what he does for the fun of it. and Alibaba Saluja from Magi. Alibaba was born in the slums having fun with his best friend Kassim. Then Alibaba was revealed to be the illegitimate son of the King and was taken to royal palace, but Alibaba didn't forget who he was from the slums and now he uses his life from both the slums and the royal palace to shape and form who he is as a person.
Sorry for making this card so long but ya know I just want to keep up with the challenge speaking of a huge thank you to @SimplyAwkward for having the challenge card and the rest of the collection, check it out if you want to join in it's not time sensitive nor is it month exclusive, I'd love to see your cards :D thanks for reading and take care :3