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I'm So Sorry That this card is so late. It's Thursday!!! And we all know what that means...VOTING DAY!!!! I Have a List of 4 K-Stars below. You get to vote which k-star you would like me to Make a K-Star Saturday Card about. There are some Rules though: 1. You can only vote one time. 2. Once you have made your vote, you can't take it back. Vote ends at 12:00 Am on Saturday, Central Time. "What is K-Star Saturday?" K-star Saturday is when I make a card Dedicated to the K-Star that gets the most votes. The card tells you all about them. It contains Facts about them, Fun Facts, and it Includes Quotes and Gifs.

JongUp - B.A.P

Last week's Runner up.

YoungJae - B.A.P

Jungkook - BTS

Taehyung - BTS

K-Star Saturday Taglist: @lilbr0wneyes @JewelsLouise1 @ZwanKimaWalker @KellyOriane @NathashaXavier @EleanorKriegel @BabySheep @JohnEvans @TaehyungV @IsoldaPazo @jojojordy2324 @Adriannafletc @Mrsjeon @Minimanim3 @LinnyOk @Sherrysahar @Animezkpopgirl @DarciAragon @CrookedShadow @JadeOwens @Kanatm @P1B2Bear @AmberRelynn @FruityPoptart @MelissaGarza if you would like to be notified whenever I post on K-star Saturday, you can either follow my Collection "T.G.I.K-pop" or you can let me know in the Comments if you want to be added to my K-Star Saturday Taglist.
YoungJae because he is hot as hell and I don't know much about him.
Definitely Taehyung!!! Love V 120%
kookie the golden maknae! 馃挄
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