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Hey guys! So now I made an all Different Anime Screenshot Game for everyone of course!

Screenshot your result's and make a card or Comment below! And feel free to tag me!!! Its the same as before only now you have to screenshot what anime world you will live in now!

I hope you guys enjoy this one as well!

Your Girlfriend! (If you're a Girl then this is your Bestfriend!)

Your Boyfriend! (If you're a boy this is your Best friend!)

The Anime World You Live In!

(Oh btw the beautiful city with the Cherry Blossom Trees is from the Anime Your Lie in April)

Your Power/Ability!

(Im going to explainwhat the pics power means for some who might now get it) If you get Screenshot the pic means... Mikasa = Titan Killing Ability Yato = God Powers Asuna & Kirito = Sword Fighting Ability Devil Fruit = The Fruits Power Tomoe = Yokai Powers Naruto = Ninja Powers

I hope you guys enjoy this game too!

Tagging!!(Ask if you would like to be removed and Ask if you would like to be added!)

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Hey Aime can I be added to your tag lists for games?? Or you know just anything you do... Lol xD @AimeBolanos
@RogueLeigh Of course you can! Haha you are now added to the list💞🙌
@Leolaring The white hair girl is Emilia from Re : Zero
@AimeBolanos ahh thx I've heard good stuff about tht show its on my watchlist thts why I didn't recognize her lol
Bestie: Hinata Bf: Zoro One Piece Sword Fighting ^_^ NICE!