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I will say, how I feel about each, and each initial thought. Don't worry, I didn't cheat. So, @OtakuDemon10 , here it is.
My partner. ANIME= Seraph of the End. Thoughts: Yessssssss. I have only seen a few episodes of this anime, but I do really like her. Super pretty, and and super funny. I forgot her name though. Initial thought: "Yessssssss the one I wanted most!!!"
My role. Thoughts: Sounds cool! I think I would like this role. Maybe even my wife would? Initial thought: "Which did I want again? *Gets Dark Prince* Aw Yeah! That's what it was! Best one probably."
My element. Thoughts: The BlackDragon has control of all elements, but his human form is very pleased. Air is great. Initial thought: "Which do I want? How about ai- *Gets Air* YEAH! AGAIN! Works for me."
Where we will live out our days. Thoughts: I think this place looks quite nice. I would like it here. Initial thought: "Which one do I want? *Gets above option* That's fine. Maybe a darker place would be better, or a snowy one, but this works."
Our love life. Thoughts: Better be a very good reason. Initial thought: "Well, as long as I don't get terrible. *Gets terrible* *Makes face like second picture, with echoing gasp* NOOOO! How can this be? What is marriage without love?"
How many children we will bring into the anime world. Thoughts: I have enough love for all of them, but probably not enough money. Times will be hard. Initial thought: "Hopefully not 6 ki- *Gets 6* ...actually that probably explains the love life." 1 Kid= "We are parents now, my love!" 2 Kid= "A second kid. Huzzah!" 3 Kid= "Another! This is where we should stop." 4 Kid= "Okay, love them all, but we should stop." 5 Kid= "This is too many. We have love, but no funds!" 6 Kid= "We need another job each to pay for our dear family, but this means no more time together." Or something.
So the first four were a definite win, but the last two will make things difficult. I don't know how to link the original card, so if you want to play as well, check out the card of @OtakuDemon10 for the links. Special thanks to @BlackDragon88 Tagging peeps (not the candy): @Tayhar18920 @OtakuDemon10 @SimplyAkward @P1B2Bear If anyone else wants me to tag them in stuff, just ask or something. Thank you all. So then, any thoughts?
Your drowning in children XD
@BlackDragon88 I gotchu😉
@OtakuDemon10 If you could put it in the comments, that would be great.
haha, you got 6 kids too! Gimme a sec and I'll grab the links for you. 😉
Original game card for those who like girls:
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