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South Koreans practice some quite interesting dining etiquette. If you plan on dining in Korea for business or leisure, it is worthwhile to know some tips to avoid embarrassing scenes or committing offending behavior.

1. Upon Arrival

~Wait for the oldest person/people to sit down first before you take a seat at the table.

2. Before You Eat

~Before you eat it's polite to say that you are looking forward to the meal. In Korean, people say Jalmukesumneda (I will eat well). ~Also wait for the oldest person/people to lift their spoon or chopsticks first before you start eating.

3. During The Meal

~Don't blow your nose at the table. Ever. ~Try to eat at the same pace as everyone else, especially the elders. ~Never hold a rice bowl or soup bowl in your hand during the meal. The rice and soup bowl should always be on the table. Avoid poking around the rice or side dishes with the spoon or chopsticks. ~Always pour drinks for others first, especially for those senior to you. ~When your senior pours a drink for you, hold out your cup with both hands to accept (this also holds applies for someone passing you a side dish or something else at the table). ~Don't stick your chopsticks straight up into your bowl because that resembles traditional Korean ancestor ceremonies. When you're done, utensils go back on the table.

4. After The Meal

~If someone has treated you to a meal out, it is customary to acknowledge your thanks after the meal. In Korean, people sometimes say Masegaemugusuyo (I ate well). ~When using a toothpick, cover your mouth with one hand and discard the toothpick when you are done, and place it under a napkin so that it is invisible to others. ~ At the end of the meal, when the seniors or customers are getting up, you should get up together.
These are just a few rules you will need to know before dining out in Korea but I hoped it still helped. ^.^

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Koreans take age very seriously in terms of respect, and older generations especially follow customs such as the ones listed above very strictly. I remember when I was younger my mom would always scold me for being disrespectful but when you're young anything goes 😂
people blow their nose at the table? I figured that was universally impolite