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hey guys ! IM SO SO SO SORRY ABOUT HOW LATE THESE ARE !!!! i've been absent for so long. i was in california (US) and i didn't have service or wifi ! so these are really late ! sorry !!! also if you look in my bio i'm a professional procrastinator ... i hope everyone likes these and i really really hope more people request !!!!
for : @Eunwootrash image(s) : yoon sanha (astro), kevin woo (u-kiss), kim sungkyu (infinite)
for : @xMangaLover image : babymetal (j-rock girl group)
for : @karinamiranda81 image : madtown (group)
so because not many requested and i've been going through a huge got7 phase, i thought i might as well make some got7 lockscreens :)
i really really hope people request this time !! okay well thanks for liking, clipping and requesting ! let me know if you want to be taken off or added to the tag list ! before requesting, check out my rules here. if you want to see all the lockscreens i've made, check them out in my collection.
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do you mind giving me a little more information ? do you want the entire group in one or do you have a member you want in specific ? @SharnKaur
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kookie v and jimin
a year ago·Reply
Omo!!! I love it!!!! thanks!!😍😍😍
a year ago·Reply
May I have one of The8 from Seventeen and another one of B-Joo from Topp Dogg? Thanks if you do ❤
a year ago·Reply
EXO's Chen in black and white
5 months ago·Reply