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So I was tagged by @AimeBolanos for another screenshot so here it is!

Best Friend

I haven't watched One Piece, is this a good thing?


馃槖 mer

World we're in

I repeat, haven't seen One Piece, am I screwed or good?


Sweet! Sword skills! I already have the Katana!
Alright! Well I don't know anything about half of my results, but that was fun. Now to tag! @GraceByrnes @watermage @neevp @amobigbang Go here to screenshot your results!
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@AdamDean its on my list I just don't want to reappear from my room with everyone having assumed I died 馃槄 Thanks for the info though! Good to know I'll hopefully survive!
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@SarahSutcliff It took me about 300 episodes to really love it, but once I did... I loved it so much. Also I agree that Eren is very meh.
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@AdamDean well damn! I don't that attention span! Is it at least better than Bleach? lol. Glad someone shares my opinion of Eren. Though I actually think most like Levi anyway
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@SarahSutcliff Arguments could be made for both... though I prefer Bleach. To be fair, I just don't like Attack on Titan at all.
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@AdamDean its taken me three years to get to episode 110 in Bleach 馃槖 Finally! Same to be honest! I've never understood the hype
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