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So I'm a straight girl (far as I know), but I decided to do this for shits and giggles anyway!

My Wife

Meet my lady lover from Seraph of the End, which I haven't seen! (-_-;)

What am I...

This time around, I'm a vampire! Do I get cool fangs?

My Element

Well, I have been compared to Azula in the past, and according to a Fairy Tail quiz I took, is have fire magic, like Natsu, so this feels right!

Where we will live

This dark castle hidden in the mountains. Looks pretty sweet!

Love Life

Guess I should stick to boys? Still, could be worse...

Number of Children

PERFECT! I'll accept 3, but my plan has always been 2! And since we're both ladies, we'll probably adopt (unless she wants to get a donor and have the babies, cuz I am not going through childbirth unless I have to!), so I'm claiming Yukine and Nagisa Shiota again! My babies! <3
Yeah but with my luck Bulma would destroy the ecosystem around the house with her constant machine building and ex husband being the prince of all saiyans and whatnot..
@SuperWolverBat haha, sucks for you! But I feel your pain; like I said, I wound up with 6 too, in the other version. But at least you have nice flowers and waterfalls for them to play in!
Wifey: Bulma I am a Warrior. Element: Fire Residence: Serene area surrounded by people flowers and waterfalls Sex Life: Kinky Children: 6......damn it...
Shikamaru's the best. And weirdly enough one of the most relatable characters in the show.
@BlackDragon88 yeah, I saw it, but I forgot by the time I did mine😅 I'm a little all over the place today!
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