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My best friend! This is the best, I can totally see myself being best friends with Nami
My boyfriend. This is awesome, he's such fabulous boyfriend what more could a girl want xD
This would be a cool world to live in ^^
This is an epic ability I'm super happy with this ^^ @OtakuDemon10 you should find this one and play it its super fun! @LuffYNewman @ChrisStephens @DevilsSon @KurosakiJess @nimm14 we should make one of these entirely One Piece. I would but I dont know how xD
So you know what that ability is! Could got enlighten me? 馃槅
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@OtakuDemon10 its the flameflame fruit or I think thats the name xD its the power that Ace has ^^
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@HunnaBallue ah, so just what I guessed! Any idea when I get to meet Ace? I'm only about 80 episodes in...
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@OtakuDemon10 If I remember correctly its right before they cross over the grandline. Its episode 95 I think
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@HunnaBallue that would be something good to do for OP
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