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So, I tried picking one character from several anime (although some have more than one that I would kiss. And throughout the card, I will give some honorable mentions. I've been nominated by: @biancadanica98
From Inuyasha, I chose, of course, Sesshomaru!
From Yona of the Dawn, Hak is my fave. Although I do love me some Jaeha.
From Psycho-Pass, the badass and super smart Kogami.
From Yu-Gi-Oh! I chose Bakura! Both Yami and Thief King because he is the same person. Hehe! I'd also kiss Atem and Marik, but I have to pick one! DX
From Samurai Deeper Kyo, I am in love with Kyo while on Kyoshiro's body. So smexy!
From Bleach, Grimmjow! Although I wouldn't mind giving several others a smooch!
From Seraph of the End, the handsome Gurren Ichinose.
From the Fate series, Zero and Stay Night, my love is for Gilgamesh. Though you can also hand over Archer and both Lancers to me as well.
From Fullmetal Alchemist (all of them), I enjoy Roy Mustang. But I also LOVE Greed/Ling from Brotherhood. Yes, I want the whole package.
From Darker Than Black, I want this contractor, BK-201, Hei the Black Reaper. Such a badass! Gimme gimme gimme!!!
Also, because I couldn't choose between these three, I didn't include them in the ten, but they can be part of my Honorable Mentions! Allen, Lavi, and Kanda from D.Gray-Man. I think the reason is obvious.
And heck, I'm also gonna honor Kougaiji from Saiyuki Reload. (His little sister is a doll!) So it's my turn to nominate! I choose you! @normabm7 @JessicaDobbins @Kirik @shannonl5 @mymi @ThatRossyGirl @NinjaMouse @LilianaWolf @Panthora @desireesowah143 @Nadinerzz @AnjelParker @KookieMin @ZephyrBlaze @Laxus @LAVONYORK @InVinsybll @MarvelTrashcan
Rules to the challenge/game: choose 10 guys/girls you would kiss (doesn't matter if they are real or fake). Just tell us name and where they are from or what they are off of. Then, nominate the next victim(s). Have fun!
omg yes hak!!!!
@BlackDragon88 hey, sometimes, that's even better. Lol
@Gibbous1992 I wish I could have seen it in theaters. I just watched it at home.
I agree with some of the honorable mentions
@BlackDragon88 yes it is! I even went to the theater to watch the movie. It. Was. Amazing.
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