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What's up guys, I'm back with another member introduction for the group UNIQ!. If you missed the first member, Sungjoo, click here But today we will be meeting UNIQ's leader..... YIXUAN!! Basic Facts: Full Name- Zhou Yixuan Birthdate- July 22, 1990 Birthplace- Shengzhou, China Position- Leader, Rapper A Few Fun Facts Are Below :)
He's great at the RUBIX CUBE game
His dream is for UNIQ to become one of the most influential and talented idol group
Caught the eye of Yuehua talent scouts while participating at one of Asia’s largest hip-hop dancing competitions, KOD (Keep On Dancing). *couldn't find a video of it*
Here's a few cute videos and fancams. So talented....
There's Yixuan for you. Hopefully I provided enough information for you guys. he your bias??

Next will be my bias WENHAN!!

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Yixuan is my bias wrecker from UNIQ. 😍
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Bias no doubt
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He is born in 1990
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@candymonster30 Yep sorry thought I put that down
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