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Just to see how much you guys have been paying attention..... Can you recognize who these baby photos belong to?
I left his name so you can figure it out a little quicker ^^ Moon Ji Hoon I none other than the adorable rapper Swings also known as Moon Swings ^^
This one is a little harder but he is right in the middle And the light skinned cutie in the middle with the huge ears is none other than Cha Cha Malone #ineedabeatboychacha
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Oh man, I don't know who either of these people are lol! I don't really look at people's baby pics ^^"
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first one seems as if its tablo
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lol no @sherrysahar it's not tablo and @LiNaHyun I get it this must have been hard for you
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I'm gonna update it and let you know who they are soon
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@sherrysahar and @LiNaHyun i updated finally
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