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so, seriously, whos read the latest chapter?!1
im super upset seeing is how ch 684 ended then 685 started.. Ten years in the future already?!?!?! wheres Ichigo?! and omg, Rukia is finally captain of squad 13!!! RIP Captain Ukitake!!! we love and miss you!!! and next chapter is the last chapter?! PLUS we have to wait 2 weeks! ugh, im so devestated the series is literally almost over... BUT! if youve read the latest chapter then you saw the warning for an announcement!! I personally think that they are bringing the anime back!!!! what are your thoughts nakama?!?!?!
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I hope they bring the anime back.
bring it back!!!!!!
idk what else the announcement would be other than bringing the anime back, right where the fullbring arc ended!!!
I loved Rukia's short hair, but she still looks adorable 😁