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Pokémon I the only one sort of mad about the game. Does any remember being called loser for playing fire red or games as such. Then Pokémon Go comes and now your not cool if you don't play it. People now act like they what takes to play Pokémon. Yeah right. Plus go Team Valor.
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yes same not sure if I'm the only 1 who feels Dat way @LeannePratt
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i was watching the real pokémon show and they call me stupid so i took over there tower go team valor!!!
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yes I say us who were disrespected should group and destroy the Pokémon nooks @antwonbro12
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i just wish there was an app so we can talk to our team its hard to just doing it with one person @AwsomeCarp
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yea that would be amazing except the pure mass of people on each team
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