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If you guys want to play to here! Thanks for the tag again @AimeBolanos !
I know this anime, it's something about a Maid...And it's like called Maid-sama or something....I don't remember the name of this character though, so could anyone tell me?
YASSS!!! I know someone who isn't so happy about me taking her man....
Wow!! So beautiful!! This place might be Sword Art Online, but if it's not, please tell me what anime it is. (Also please tell me if it really is SAO)
Aye!!! So I'm kind of like Rin from Blue Exorcist... Expect, I have God powers and he has Devil powers.... Okay this power has pretty much no comparison to the other!! But, I might know this anime, yet I forgot! Could someone please tell me what it's called??
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@animerg13 Right, thank you!!!
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@TaehyungV anytime, need help with something. Just message me and I'll try to help.
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@TaehyungV Im glad you played! And No problem anytime! Until you ask me to stop tagging you I never will stop xD
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@lopleaf19 Thank you!!!
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@AimeBolanos 馃榿馃榿
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