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Of course there are other body parts to look at ( ^-^) But the booty gets props for looking to bootylicious. Here is my opinion on the best male butts in K-Pop.

#1. Jimin ~BTS

#2. Jun Jin ~ Shinhwa

#3. N ~ VIXX

#4. S.Coups~ SEVENTEEN

#4. J-Hope ~BTS

#5. ZhouMi ~ Super Junior M

#6. Sehun ~EXO

#7.Yugyeom ~ GOT7

#8.Kyuhyun ~ Super Junior

# 9 Sunggyu & Sungyeol ~ Infinite

#10. Minho~ SHINee

Who do you think has the best booty?
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I prefer Jimin, Sehun and S.Coups馃槏馃挦馃槏
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I love me some Jibooty!
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#7 I think that's JinYong..
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@luna1171 Don't worry I looked it up.. It's Yugyeomie~ @Defy24601 Same.. Can't get enough of it @yaya12 Yess
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@MrsJungHoseok You can leave like that if you want I dont mind..But Iam pretty sure is
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