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Hi. Everyone. It's Zi-Mon Filling in For @JordanShuler today, so here I am Writing about U-Kwon this week.
U-Kwon is Extremely Attractive, and has an incredible Singing Voice. But Did you know That he also does an Incredible Impression of G-Dragon From BigBang?
That's Right. It's Amazing! I was Blown Away By how good it is! Let's Watch...
I Think this is So Amazing!!! What do you guys think?
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in my head I am thinking that block b and big bang need to make music together like asap that would be amazing but I don't think it will ever happen
@twistedlove if it did that MV would kill it would be very awesome
@BiasKpop yes exactly but wait do both groups know each other?
Lol every time I watch them on snl Korea I die 😂😂👍
@twistedlove I don't even know I hope they do