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In Korea, there are a lot of different definitions of being "Korean."

We've seen it with people like Vernon from Seventeen who, though he lived in Korea most of his life and speaks Korean better than English, never feels like he's treated like a normal Korean because he's only half.

Another "kind" of Korean, is people who were born or lived for a long time outside of Korea.

They would be called 교포 (gyoh-poh)

It's not necessarily a bad thing (lots of jobs specificy that they're looking for 교포 since they're English skills and international working experience is best) but still it might feel a little "meh" to no be treated like a normal Korean :/

Do we have any Korean Americans on Vingle (I know we do lol)...

and if yes, have you ever been to Korea or heard of this?
One of my good friends is half Korean and actually just got back from a month long trip to Korea. Though I doubt she's ever been called that.
I just discovered 1 korean american recently. You can search bendeen on youtube.