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He had NO IDEA xD
Lucky Carats~
PeaceMinusSeven Squadu :
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mom and dad talking about their kids.
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I feel sad for Namjoon because he couldn't continue traveling with the rest of the members 😢
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And they just keep enjoying their food like 'oh well we'll give it too him when we're finished I guess'
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@SarahVanDorn Kookie seems to be one of the most responsible of the group. He tends to make sure everyone has their items and picks up what the others leave behind. It's been a little surprising to see all their personalities come out, and I admit my view of a couple of them has changed somewhat.
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@JaxomB same here and then I was like oh man the camera man is gonna have him do something else to get his phone back...but then kookie was like I can't be mean to him with how upset Jimin looked.
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