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Que tal peeps!

This is your favorite chica Jessamine aka @amobigbang bringing a new fanfiction. I hope you all like it as much as my last.

Mature Content

Yall know the drill

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You sit in the taxi trying to hold back your tears. However, you were unsuccessful. Your mascara begins to run as huge tears fall down your face. You couldn't believe what had happened and couldn't imagine how you would live your life now. Finally, you reach your apartment. The driver was even worried about you and asked if you needed anything. All I need is him you think as you tell the driver no and thank him for his concern. You cried on your way to your door. You sat on your bed and cried even harder when you could still smell his scent in your room. Last night you all made love and it was wonderful. It was your first time. You knew that you all would be together forever. He was your King and you were his Queen. However, tonight you had no idea who he was. You replay it all in you head. Flashback...... You look Yoongi in his eyes as you two hold hands. He looked super fly tonight in his graphic tee and ripped black jeans. "Baby I love you so much." You say while attempting to kiss him. "Ah, about that. I'm sorry but I think we should just take a break." Yoongi says. He couldn't even look you in the eyes. You were speechless. You blacked out and went nuts. All you could remember was that the patio was trashed and you were cussing like.a sailor. Jungkook called a taxi for you and Jin made sure you got to the taxi safely. You walk to the bathroom and wash your face and get ready for bed. How would you at professional at your internship? You were an intern at the dance department for Big Hit Entertainment. You worked under Lee the choreographer for BTS. Lee warned you to keep business and pleasure apart bit you and Yoongi clicked. You two were dating since your paid internship. You all have been together for about 8 months. Some may think it was foolish of you to have lost your virginity to him since you all haven't been dating that long for such a huge thing to happen. But you loved him.
You were warming up before the guys arrived. Today Lee gave you the huge task of teaching the guys the choreography for this single "Butterfly". You had this in the bag and knew the steps like your life depended on it. The guys come in and begin stretching. Yoongi had a huge bruise on his cheek. You ignore it. But Lee asks Yoongi if he got into a bar fight. Yoongi pushes out a laugh and glances at you. You could fell your heart falling like autumn leaves and crashing down to the ground ready for the world to step on it. You gather your thoughts and numb your feelings. You begin practice. The guys did great and you were happy you were able to remain professional. The guys leave and you speak to Lee. He praises you and gives you some tips. Lee asks you to shut down the dance room, becuase he had to pick up his son from an event. You put some music on and began dancing to Taeyang's "Love you to Death." The song really spoke to you at the moment and you allowed your body to express your emotions. Your mind was at ease. You close your eyes and drift away. Suddenly you could feel someone looking at you. It was Yoongi. He had a smirk on his face. You ignore him and turn off the music while gathering your things. "Look bae we need to talk." He says while gently grabbing your hand as you attempt to pass by him. "I have nothing to say Min Yoongi. I'm closing up shop here." You say while trying to remain strong. Inside you were melting and burning. You wanted to ask him so man questions but you still were to emotional to think properly. "Look I don't want there to be any bad blood between us. I still have..." "Oh are you so afraid I would tell your precious ARMY about how much of a jerk you are. How you play with people's emotions, take their virginity, and break up with them." You blurt out. "Look I just think we were moving too fast. Besides I had no idea you were a virgin." Yoongi playing with his fitted cap. "Oh so you would feel better if I wasn't? Where are you values? How could you..." You began crying again. "I opened up not only my legs to you but my world. You made me feel like we were perfect." Jimin walks in and see you all in tears. He walks over to you and hug you. Yoongi quietly walks away. You look up and see him gone and you feel your stomach drop. You thank Jimin and then you close up the dance room.
4 months had passed since the break up. You were now hired as the assistant choreographer for BTS. You were super happy that you finally had your dream job. You and Yoongi however, continued to have this disfunctional relationship. Basically you two were still fucking. You went out late at night after an argument late at night with Yoongi. He was said you and Namjoon were getting too close. You ran in the night as fast as your legs could take you. You ended up at a abandon playground. You began swinging on the swings. The chains were turning brown from rust. When you stopped moving you just sat on the swing. Suddenly, someone pushed you into the ground face first. You looked back to see it was Yoongi. He lifted up your skirt and entered you from behind. You squealed as you felt him enter you. He began screwing you and beating hard on your neck. "He won't have you. No one will." He groaned. It felt so good and loves it when he was jealous. You often thought you were sick for loving rough sex but Yoongi had you loving this kind of sex. You push him and straddle him. You ride him like there was no tomorrow. "Say you love it." You groan in his ear. "I hate you so much." He groans. He pushes you on the swing. Your stomach is in the swing and he pulls you back and forth onto him as he stands behind you. He was plunging into you deeper and deeper. You could feel yourself climax. It was strong. Yoongi climaxes and squirt all over your rear and your thighs. "Remember who you belong to." He says then with that he runs back home. The rush was over and you were alone. How could you just allow him to use you like this? You use your jacket to clean up and you head home. You run you and bath and drink half a bottle of wine before you slip into the bath. As you stick your foot into the warm water you hear a buzz. You walk to your buzzer speaker. "Who is it?" You say wondering who it could be at a time like this. "Hey sorry but it's me..........

jajajaja who is it?! Until next time peeps!

Besos and Blessings up!

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Come on sister!!! Toughen up and don't let Yoongi take you!! Be strong!! But who the farm is at the door!!!!????
@yaya12 I totally agree
WTF!? Is wrong with her!!! Like she needs to be strong and not let Yoongi just fuck her!! She needs to strong for herself and fall in love with someone else!!! I love the story by the way!!❤❤
Yay Suga is my bias this is awesome thx for the tag. I hope she dosent let herself get used like this all the time though
Taaaaggggg meeeee
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