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We all head out to the concert to get ready. There was tension in the car but I was still talking and trying to get everyone to just relax. The guys got ready and I sat in the room on the couch after they were ready they headed out for the concert. I stood on the sidelines and watched. After the concert I was sitting on the ground up against the wall. I was listening to music while I waited for them to come back to the room. They were taking a while and I wondered how the fan pictures were going. I was staring in front of me when someone walked in front of me and stopped. I looked up and saw Yoongi and smiled. He was resting his arms against the wall and had his head on his arms as well. He was just staring at me. I took my headphones out. "Hey." I looked around quickly and saw we were the only ones in the room and I slowly stood up. I had to kiss him. the way he looked had me mesmorized.He kept his arms against the wall but put his head back as I got closer and I slipped my head between his arms. I placed a soft kiss on his lips. I started to pull back but he pulled me closer and kissed me again deepening the kiss. We were in this intense make out session that we didn't even hear to door to the room open and the guys walk in. "Yoongi!" We heard and we both stopped and our eyes had shot open we were looking at each other and wondering what to do. I turned my head to look away from the guys so they didn't see my face. "Seriously! what If (y/n) saw this!"Tae yelled. "Seriously?" Jimin and Jin said at the same time. I started to giggle. "Let's just tell them." I whispered to Yoongi. "Fine." He said and pushed away from me so that I could see their faces. "So Yoongi and I have been dating." I said as the remaining 4 stared at me. "That was you at the pool with him?" Hoseok asked "Yup." "Yea we were trying to keep it a secret so (y/n) could keep her job." Yoongi said "You know we can still help with keeping it a secret...shouldn't that be easier on you two?" Namjoon said "That's what those two said." I pointed to Jin and Jimin. "They knew?" Jungkook said shocked "Yea they caught us." Yoongi said and grabbed my hand. "So please please please don't tell anyone. I really don't want to lose my job or Yoongi." I pleaded. "Your secret is safe with us" they all said
(The 1st picture is the tux he wore. the 2nd picture is what you are wearing and I 3rd is the back of your dress since I couldn't find a picture of it back. It's just a you see that you back is exposed. Now you can decide if you want it red or white... I was gonna say red(in my head I'm in red lol) but both look nice.) When we got home it was nice to not have to worry about being secretive. The guys were true to their word and help keep our secret. It had been a week since everyone found out and we had to get ready for a charity event. "Wow you look amazing" Yoongi said walking towards me. "So do you " I said and He quickly kissed my lips. His hand brushed across my exposed skin sending waves of electricity through me. "Come on love birds let's go." Tae said walking into the room. "Man he never gets tired of that does he" I said giggling. "Let's go" He said grabbing my hand and leading me out of the room. Once we walked out the door though we were apart. It was way easier to keep us a secret in public woth the guys knowinf. If any of the guys though we might be exposed they jumped in. One point in the night I looked at Yoongi and saw he was talking with a girl, I was fine with it until she kept touching him. I walked over to Jimin. "Can you go tell Yoongi to meet me out in the garden?" He looked over to Yoongi. "Yea I'll go do that." "Thank you." I smiled and off Jimin went to send my message to Yoongi. I walked out a door that lead to this beautiful garden. I walked over to the fountain and was just waiting. Ever time I see a fountain I want to throw a penny into it. Sadly I did not have a penny. I let out a sigh and then felt arms around me. "What's up babe?" He asked into my ear. I turned around. "I don't like other girls touching you." I pouted. "Aww you got jealous?" He moved his hands to my waist. "Well...what am I suppose to do? I'm not allowed to be too physical with you and yet another girl gets to touch you." "Even if another girl touches me know I'm yours, you have my heart. But I will try to avoid girls touching me." He pressed his forehead against mine. "I'm sorry I'm jealous." "It's ok. I get jealous too." He said and he then moved his head lower and pressed his lips to mine. I smiled and kissed him back making sure to nibble on his bottom lip. After a few more kisses we stopped. If we didn't things would get complicated. "You're going to sleep in my room tonight right?" I asked "Of course. We shall finish what we started." He smirked. Which caused me to smiled and scrunched my nose. Then I quickly kissed his cheek and walked to a different door and went back to the party. After a few minutes Yoongi walked in and looked at me and smiled and then walked up to me. "So how many more people do I need to talk to?" He asked making sure people heard us talking business. "Um about 2 more. There is one right there." I pointed to one at the snack bar. We made our way over to the guy and on , way I pointed out the other one he needed to talk to and then I left him to have his talk. I walked over to Jimin and stood next to him. "Have you finished your talks?" "Yup I finished them fast because I didn't want to stay here longer than I had to. I Think Namjoon and Yoongi are the only ones left." "Awesome! I'm kinda getting bored." He handed me his drink. "Yea you just want to get gone for something else." He smiled while I took his drink and took a sip of it. "Yea your right" I smiled and gave his drink back to him. After another 30 minutes we were finally ready to go back home. I was glad to be home and away from the publics eye.
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Omggg I love this storyyyyu❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍
yay!!! poor Tae though haha....youd think he would realize who it was
look at tae!! lol such a sweetie.
Ok, who's that girl touching my Suga baby?! 😠
They gonna do the frikle frackle