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This reminds me of baking bread with my mother when I was a little girl. There were almost always pieces of eggshell in the loaf. Whoops! Sorry, Mom!

Do you cook with your kids? Did you make any cooking mistakes when you were young?

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Aww, I 馃挏 Misha! My minion loves to cook with me. We made my dad a birthday cake Wednesday. He did all the work while I supervised and had a glass of wine. He did a great job!! He even did the decorating (except the writing - he wanted me to do that part, but he picked all the colors.) The cake was wonderful. It tasted yummy, looked beautiful, and his Paw-Paw loved it!
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Why is it that when I read this, I pictured Misha using his "Castiel" voice when asking this kid 馃槀馃槀
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yes. for whatever reason, when my brother was in 6th grade and needed to make something at home for his cooking class, i got put in charge (i was pretty comfortable in the kitchen at that point, but still only 14ish). it took 2 hours of arguing bc i tried to fix every little thing he did, and he was obviously pissed. i've never hated a cheese biscuit more.
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My niece doesn't believe in mixing with a spoon and insists on using her hands 馃槀
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I'm not allowed in the kitchen cus the last time I cooked...I gave everyone slight food poisoning. They were fine tho. Also, you can't scramble eggs in the microwave.
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