Super Junior D&E Thursday

Hey guys, it's your Fishy ELF Rep Kim and its my favorite day of the week(besides the weekend. It's Thursday and I like to call it A FRIDAY EVE!!!!!! Today is also D&E Thursday, so let's jump right into it!!!!!
Continuing with this week theme of lyric videos, I found this a few weeks ago and this just makes me wanna dance (video for that at a later day).
As far as the video, it's not very long. I love how they featured special guests like Red Velvet, F(x), and EXO. Let's not forget their own band mates too. Of course, our one evil hyung Heechul had to steal the show!!!!! Get it Heechul!!!!!!!!
I couldn't forget the live version either!!!! A little fun fact: this song/video is one of the first song that originally got me into k-pop and Super Junior !!!!