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D.O X OC Word Count: 1446 Need to start from the beginning? Chapter 1 Or just need to jump back a chapter? Chapter 11
안녕 여러분!! 여름 방학 어때요? I honestly can't wait for classes to start back up. I'm lame. But kinda bored with summer lol So I just need to reiterate that I am not educated about Cancer. If I have made any mistakes, please tell me. I used a few sources, which I have listed, to learn some. I appreciate everyone's understanding! :) So, here's chapter 12 (finally! Like I said in the last chapter, my internet is testing my patience...that's why my summer is boring lol)
"Approximately 10-20% patient cases are misdiagnosed each year" the National Center for Policy Analysis read on the screen. "28% of 583 diagnostic mistakes were life threatening or had resulted in death or permanent disability". It wasn't Meningioma. It wasn't a benign brain tumor. The doctor gave the revised diagnosis as Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma on her temporal lobes, which were known to many doctors as "silent" and not showing many symptoms -- the probable cause of the misdiagnosis. Meningioma was so dreamy compared to this new diagnosis. Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma has a survival rate of approximately 67%. While it still seemed good, it was a difference of 25% difference from her prior diagnosis. Lauren was in the hospital; the doctor in a lawsuit. Her mother took off work for a personal leave to take care of her child. Unfortunately her father needed to stay working so they could pay for the hospital bills. D.O was updated every now and then, but warned not to come visit, yet. But all of EXO wanted to visit together since they felt a tiny attached to her. Lauren's parents had noticed their daughter was having some language problems when they talked over dinner, one symptom that they looked over. And her eyebrows were always knit together and she always wrote it off as having a migraine. When Lauren had a mini-seizure in the morning, her parents immediately took her to the hospital, the doctor recognizing the issue. Once she was given medication and settled down some, her parents had stolen Lauren's phone and contacted D.O; they knew the singer and their daughter were attracted to each other and wanted to update him. It had now been 3 days since Lauren was admitted to the hospital. EXO was busy with promotions. The boys were filming many commercials and doing individual schedules -- including the drama D.O wished to be a part of. They would all hover over D.O and his phone when he received a message from Mr. and Mrs. Choi -- eager to know her condition. The parents made a decision to perform a craniotomy. The entire hospital room was filled with sniffles and tears at the final decision. D.O got scared as well when he saw the message from Mr. and Mrs. Choi updating him of the choice they made. It would only get worse and spread if the doctor didn't become more proactive about treatments. Lauren requested to see D.O before they did any preparations, so he got permission from his manager to see her late at night after practices. Noticing he was leaving, all of EXO insisted they come, too, for support and to visit her. The hospital was quiet. The lobby was peaceful. Some people wouldn't even know the pain and heart ache many people were feeling on the higher floors. With their face masks and caps on, they all discreetly took the roomy elevator to the fourth floor. D.O was starting to feel anxious and nauseous as they walked closer to her room. He fell to the back and the boys walked before him. He stopped in his tracks and the boys turned around to see D.O frozen. "I don't know...I don't think I can do this." was all he could say. "Hyung. Just think of all the good times you two have had. Lauren wants to see you right now. She needs you to comfort her." Kai patted D.O's shoulder. "We're all here for you. Let's go in together." Chanyeol reminded him. D.O nodded slightly and they all started walking again. Upon arriving to the door, they all piled in the room, their smiles dissipating when they saw the pale and weak girl on the bed. But her smile was wide as she saw all of them. She sat up when D.O walked in last. "I'm the luckiest fangirl, aren't I?" She joked. "I'm so happy I got to meet all of you. I already feel better seeing all of you." "Lauren, would you like us to sing a song?"Chen offered. Her parents cuddled next to each other on the couch in the room and started tearing up again, appreciative of the boys. Lauren got comfortable in her bed with Xiumin's assistance as he saw her struggling. She nodded and got her phone out. "Can I....record it? I want to listen to it later." Suho nodded and the boys all fidgeted as they got situated. No music this time, just the pick up breath of D.O's voice starting for "Sing for You" to get them started. They all closed their eyes to get into the song. Lauren gleamed at the sound of his voice. As they finished the song, Lauren started tearing up. D.O felt like the song was very meaningful as though it was meant for her. He wanted this to be her song. Lauren thanked the boys and looked at D.O. "Uhh can we have a moment?"D.O asked Suho. Suho nodded again and the boys piled out of the room. Mr. and Mrs. Choi stood up and kissed their daughter's head before following the singers. "Oppa..." Lauren started. His heart fluttered at the pet name. "Thank you." "I've been wanting to see you for a while. It really scared me when your parents first messaged me." He confessed. "I'm scared, myself." She looked down at her feet sitting at the end of the bed. He remained quiet, trying to hold back a tear he could feel creeping up. "Lauren....can I call you Miyeong?" She smiled when he asked. "How did you know?" "Your parents told me. It's a pretty name. My beautiful flower." He told her as he stroked her hair. She looked up at him and wiped his cheek. "You're not supposed to cry!" She stated at the water on his face. He awkwardly laughed as he turned around to wipe his face and breath deeply to compose himself. "Miyeong-ie" he cooed when he turned back around. She laughed and playfully slapped his arm. The two were quiet for a little as they stared into each others eyes. She started tearing up herself at the thought of the pending surgery. "To be completely honest, I have a horrible fear of needles. It's been like hell the past couple of days." She expressed, with a deep sigh. He patted her shoulder and pulled up a chair next to the bed. Without warning he began singing another song 'Baby don't cry' and caught her attention with how soft his voice was. He was practically whisper-singing, but he was still incredible. "Yah! What did the song say like 20 times? You're not supposed to cry, Miyeong-ah!" D.O explaimed. She giggled again, making the tears leave her swollen, tear-stained face. He kissed her forehead right before everyone joined them again in the room. "D.O, it's getting late. Lauren needs to get some rest before tomorrow. It was sweet for you to come, but you all should get going now." Mr. Choi addressed the boys. With pain in her eyes, Lauren begged him not to leave, but D.O gave a reassuring look. "I understand. Miyeong-ah~" He smiled while saying the name he couldn't get out of his head. "I'll see you later. I know tomorrow seems scary, but it will be over before you know it. Please get some rest." He whispered for only her to hear. He kissed her cheek which was salty with new tears. She looked into his eyes and closed them, giving him the chance to leave. Suho stayed behind in the room to escort him out. Once they left the room, D.O seemed depressed. He tried keeping a strong demeanor in front of her, but he was scared, too -- scared to lose her. "Suho, can we get some ice cream?"The maknae asked. "It's late. You'll be puffy in the morning and we have an interview tomorrow." Suho replied without hesitation. All the boys' shoulders dropped at their leaders' snappy decision. "D.O wants ice cream, right D.O?" Chanyeol talked for him. "And how could you say no to such a tiny boy? The tiny boy needs his ice cream to grow!" "Yah! I'm not that short!" D.O retorted weakly. "But you want ice cream." "Hyung, can we get ice cream?" D.O gave in and asked this time. Suho glared at him, but flew his arms in the air as he gave up. "I suppose it really shouldn't be up to me if y'all look chubby tomorrow. I shouldn't stop you all from eating. Let's go buy your stupid ice cream." Ice cream seemed to be the ultimate comfort food and they all needed it. The next day will be a big day.
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Here are the sites I used for THIS chapter: Check them out to learn more. has lots of sites to help people that are dealing with cancer in their families. It's a very useful site.
Soooo good! And the ice cream part, I died laughing. You are a great writer.
@Tigerlily84 hahaha It is difficult to get used to! But it get's easier with practice :D
@shelbyhusband Thank you!!!! Summer has two characters in it that I fight with. ㄹ & ㅡ 👿👿👿 so I'm certain I will say it wrong lol
ahhhhh I hope she gets better!!!
haha it says "hi everyone. how is your summer vacation?" 여름= summer 방학=vacation :)
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