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a friend of mine takes a picture every time his wife says she like something... when he buys her a gift, he refers to the pictures, and she gets what she wants. once, our hot water was not hooked up. my father heated pots and pots of water on a wood stove for two hours and filled a claw foot tub so my mother could have a hot bath anyway. my grampa hated curtains. 20 years after he passed, my gramma still wouldn't put any up on the windows. in a family with 9 children. dad n mom have date night right at the dinner table. they share their hearts and yummy dessert \coffee while older children watch younger children. they look into each other's eyes and often hold hands across the table. ... he holds her closer (but not to tight... just enough to feel secure, and tender at the same time) and let's her cry. she's allowed to cry, and he's there for her when it happens. (trust me guys, most of the ladies just sighed with pleasure in their bones) ... that's all she wrote (this time).
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The warmth an happiness of Love is HEAVENLY.
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