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Earlier last month, the gals from reality show, Sister Slam Dunk fulfilled Min Hyorin (Taeyang's bae) of debuting in a girl group. With the help of JYP, the girls were trained to dance, dress up, and sing like a K-pop star. When the music video released the song was stuck in my head for weeks. Just like night I was jamming to it again while cooking. The music video is not fancy but it was fun to watch.

Interesting Fact:

This unni actually owns a kimchi company and it's so hilarious she was chopping kimchi in the music video.
My bias from Unnies! She's a model and occasional actress who plays comedic roles. Anyone recognize her?

Finally, listen to the song and watch the music video if you haven't!

@cindystran she's a rapper. She is part of the group Lucky J.
@cindystran Jessi is too
2 are singers xD but the unnies were amazing xD
@KpopLifeu That's right. Does she usually sing or rap? I always thought of her as more of a rapper? I think I saw her in one of JYP's music video.
@KpopLifeu Right! I totally forgot Tiffany is in the group! haha she blended in with the unnies very well even though she's the maknae.