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sorry it took so long yo update mian You were back on the train, on your way back to your school. They had decided to send you back to school after one day ( a small impact of what you said yesterday)  "Look!" you said, holding up your paper star you learnt to fold from your hand putting it into his jeans pocket. For some reason he hasn't showed you much expression yet. You have yet to seem him smile, or frown. However, he was the one who treated you the nicest throughout the time you're with them and it made you feel confused.  Either way,  you were more focused on going back to school now, you were excited to see Bangtan again.  Arriving at your school, you ran over to the door and turned around again. You waved," HEY! CAN YOU GUYS WALK FASTER?"  Jackson chuckled before running over to your side, along with some of them while the other simply walked over, not quickening their pace. Jackson scanned the school up and down before letting out a somewhat amused noise.  "So this is your school?Fancy."  "Are you mocking you." You  gave an nonchalant shrug in reply and Youngjae punched Jackson back. "She's totally burned you right there."   "Yes, and do you want me to  ACTUALLY burn you Choi  Youngjae?" Jackson asked, turning around smiling sweetly at the boy. Youngjae shrunk back a little with a playful smile and shook his head. Jinyoug rolled his eyes at the two of them pushing past them over to you and BamBam.  "You guys can stay here, we'll go in." he said before going inside. The person guarding the entrance of the school looked up and immediately, he recognized you. He held up his hand to greet. "Hey Meena! Late for school?"  You grinned sheepishly in reply and nodded. BamBam put you don onto the floor and you finally rushed over to the stairs.  Jinyoung turned back to you and smiled, "why are you still here? Go upstairs, you need to go to school."  You nodded slowly and turned around. Jinyoung's smile faded a little when you did so, but it reappeared when you suddenly ran to him and hugged him tightly. "Are e going to see each other again?"  Jinyoung bent down to rub your head. " we will. i promise. Now go back to class, you're missing out on a lot of classes." It was after you went back to your classroom when your class teacher went downstairs to the lobby, she saw Jinyoung and in a flash, she grew cautious. "what are you doing here? where is Meena? You know i can call the cops."  The boy rolled his eyes before walking closer to the teacher, cornering her. "That is not really threatening. You can do better. Meena was back in the classroom , we sent her back." "A-and why should i t-trust you?" with a grin, he pulled himself away and left the school. School finally ended, Bangtan gathered by the school exit.  "Ok so, we're going to Busan or are we..."  "We're buying train tickets to Busan, but not all of us are going because well, we don't have enough money to do that." Jin said. The maknaes gasped, their brows narrowed. Obviously, they'll be the one not being able to go.  "But hyung!"  Yoongi rolled his eyes, annoyed. "We said no and that's it, i don't want to argue." Jungkook clicked his tongue in irritation, "Since when did you gain control over us?" Yoongi's eyes darkened after hearing what Jungkook said. The tension was broken when Taehyung's phone rang, he picked it up and his expression brightened. He put down his phone, he looked at them. "It's the teacher, she said Meena's back."  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sitting on the small chair in your school's lobby, you puffed air into your cheeks and kicked you legs rhythmically. You looked at the clock and up to the door. you perked up when you saw seven boys making their way over to the entrance.  You moved closer to the door and Jimin caught sight of you first. His lips tucked as he made a run to the door, pushing it open hardly, startling some other parents in the lobby. He got over to you and crouched down, wrapping his arms around you tightly, his lips meeting your forehead.  A feeling of relief and contentment rushed over him. The others rushed over quickly too and suddenly, you were being wrapped in a group hug. They pulled away then and smiled at you. "Did they do anything? Are you hurt?"  You shook your head frowning when you saw Jungkook's bruised hand and face. You moved over to him and cupped his face in your small hand, scanning his face with furrowed eyebrows. "What happened?"  Jungkook kept his smile on his face as he shrugged, "Nothing happed."  You ran your thumb on the bruise on his cheek before leaning in to kiss the spot. "Umma does this to me sometimes, she says it'll make wounds heal faster." Jungkook's smile widened, he couldn't stop it somehow, it's just there.  "She's right." he said. They say don't you don't how much you love a person until they were taken away from you. They were right, too. You looked up at the rest of them and grinned. "I miss you guys." Your class teacher watched you guys from the back. Their look of affection and tender movements towards you were melting everyone's heart, including the teachers watching. Your class teacher looked at the paper in her hand and remembered what Jinyoung told her.  "Tell them we're not sorry."  She looked back up at you guys before shoving the paper down into her jacket pocket. 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