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thanks @koifriesama for tagging me but I haven't seen anything from you :( but thanks to you I have this amazing app and I can read amazing stories ^-^ I recommend Siren's Lament I really like it :p read some of them here Siren's Lament Ep. 0 - The End Begins Here Siren's Lament Ep. 1 - The Main Attraction Siren's Lament Ep. 2 - As It Always Has Siren's Lament Ep. 3 - Something Special Siren's Lament Ep. 4 - Encounter Get the app [Play Store] Line Webtoon - Free comics
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@watermage IT WAS SO!!!
@princesslucy okay but we need to stop blowing up her notifications she might be irritated by us. ( つ︣﹏╰)
@watermage Alright
GUYS! If you get scared easily, for my love for food DO NOT repeat, DO NOT read "the red book" trust me, I just read the first chapter, it's terrifying.
I love this Webtoon! the music is beautiful and the story flows! .. no pun intended..