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Sakura finally being a badass 馃槑
Well done!
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@Fromtheheart i need some tips for the use of color pencils
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@lordeath666jp I'm not sure what exactly you'd like to know, so I'll just tell you some random stuff that I learned that works really well. Okay so first, I always burn through white colored pencils more so than I do with anything else. And the reason for that - and I'm not sure if you know this already - is because they're very good for blending. I always go over every color with the white to do what I'd call "smoothening it out". It takes away that grainy look. However, if you go over the black with the white, then well obviously it's not very black anymore. More grey. Second, for shading purposes with the skin, I always put down the lightest skin color first - and then grey wherever the skin is going to be darker in terms of where the light is in the picture. Putting gray down first usually gives it more of a "darker" look. Well, I don't know exactly how to describe it. I guess that's more for experimenting with yourself. I hope that helped. I'm not very good with tips 馃槄
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@lordeath666jp Oh and I always draw in circular motions. That way you don't see lines. It's also easier to blend that way as well.
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@Fromtheheart thanks mate! hard time with colors
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