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One of the most rewarding challenges of street photography is that you get to train your eye for photo moments. This was shot on a compact camera. No special tripod or gear. Just you and the camera.
@tapsamai, yup that's why photography becomes so rewarding
@benard : It is said that, when you learn to photograph, it is the begining of you changing to the new eyes. And it did happen with me. I learn to observe more, even with outh the camera. I started to appreciate small details of any objects, or anybody that I encoutered with.
@Benard Amazing. Instead of the posed pictures, I like to see photographies that capture the whole natural surroundings, I think that when people are photographied at their natural state is when they shine.
@roselee The most important element is story telling, street photography is just like photojournalism, it should show something happening. For example this shot, it would look very different if the shop owner wasn't in the picture, or the passerby wasn't looking back and the lady on the left wasn't talking on her phone. You sense of observation can be developed and I feel that everyone can learn this. It is not like athletic ability where you are either born with the genes to perform well in sports or be confined to a couch watching sports for the rest of your life. Your eye can be taught to see and anticipate pictures as long as you have a good teacher.
@Benard I agree. I believe that street photography is always the hardest, to capture that moment is the life of that picture. What do you think are the best ways to train your eye for these moments? Do you think some people are just born with them?