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Genre(s): Angst, Romance, Time Travel AU, Tragedy, Character Death
Pairing: Reader X Jimin (Maybe)
Length: I actually tried to look up the word count but I do not know how to work my own laptop :P
Chapters: 1/?
Summary: Y/N goes back in time to fix a mistake but things don't turn out the way she planned...
A/N: I actually really like writing this story so I'm continuing a second chapter a little early...I'm so sad omg Jimin T-T
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" Namjoon! That's the fifth time you've blown up the machine in the last ten minutes!"

" I swear, I thought that wire went with that one."

" Are you doing this on purpose? I told you if you didn't want to help me then you didn't have to. Don't waste your time destroying material and just tell me straight. " I snapped sadly.

" I promise you, Y/N I want to help you with this." He sounded sincere..." I'm not doing this on purpose, I'm just like this normally..."

" Seriously, how can one cause so much destruction in such a short time?" He shrugged sheepishly and I sighed, gathering new material to rebuild the machine.

It's been about 64 failed attempts since...the accident. Ever since, I've been trying everything possible to create a solution to fix what I did on that day. I haven't been eating, drinking, or sleeping as much as I should be but the thought of having even a small chance of seeing my Jimin just once has been keeping me going for the past four years.

Jimin...I promise you, I will fix this.

" Namjoon! Not again!"

Namjoon's POV

" How is she?"

" She's still insane. I can't believe I even agreed to help her with something like this." I huffed, crossing my arms.

" That bad?"

" I don't have a choice, I didn't want to see her like that any longer. The sooner she realizes this is impossible, the better." I sighed, running a hand through my hair angrily.

" I'd love to help you, Namjoon but I don't think she'll want to see me even after this long." He said sadly, looking down at the ground.

" Don't tell me you're still upset about what happened...You know it wasn't your fault, right? It was just a misunderstanding."

" You don't understand. I got a man killed, Namjoon! Do you know how much guilt I've lived with all these years?" I said, trying to comfort him.

" But it wasn't your fault-"

" Yes it was! My best friend is dead because I was too selfish! I would give anything to go back and fix this. I really hope you and Y/N figure this out. Don't give up on her, Namjoon. "

" Please fix that machine, Namjoon. I just want to her to be happy again." He said, clinging onto my sleeve with desperation. " It was my fault, I couldn't make her happy enough. Because the only one who can bring her happiness is Jimin. That's why you must help her bring him back. I just want her to be happy again. She'll only be happy with Jimin. So please, Namjoon."

" You still really care about her, don't you?" He nodded without hesitation and I sighed. " Fine. I'll do it but I still think it's a bad idea."

" Thank you, Namjoon!" He immediately brightened up with relief, jumping up and down with joy.

" Yeah, yeah, whatever." I mumbled, swatting him away and heading back to work on the machine.


" Jimin!"

Namjoon had left to go get some food. Which meant I was left alone with my thoughts again.

" Y-Y/N..."

I've become afraid of myself. Every time I close my eyes, I see that day. I see Him. I see the memories that we used to have.

" Jimin!" I giggled, swatting at him with my spoon. " Aish, now I'm all sticky!"

I remember that day...We had gone out for ice cream for our anniversary.

" Surprise! Happy anniversary!" He removed his hands from my eyes, revealing the very familiar inside of the cafe where we had gone out on our first date.

" Jimin..." I breathed in awe. " I love it! Thank you!" I threw my arms around him in a tight hug.

" One strawberry for me, and a chocolate for you..."

" Aw, Jimin! You remembered..."

" How could I forget? You never change your order." He giggled. I loved it when he giggled.

I missed his laugh...His smile lit up my world. I would give anything to hear one last time.

" Why are you staring at me? Is there something on my face?" He smiled, going cross eyed trying to look at his own face.

" Nothing, just..." I burst into a fit of laughter as he stuck his tongue out to try to lick off any ice cream that might have been on his face. " It's nothing, just stop making that face before I pass out."

" Then why were you staring?" He giggled.

" Because I love you." I beamed. He rolled his eyes playfully and stuck a finger into his ice cream, dabbing it on my nose with a giggle.

" You're such a romantic."

" Y/N? Earth to Y/N? Y/N..." I opened my eyes to see Namjoon waving a bag of food in my face. " Were you crying?"

" Nevermind that, what'd you bring?" I sniffled, quickly changing the subject and wiping away my tears. He seemed like he wanted to ask, but he thankfully kept quiet and opened the bag.

" Y/N, you know I love you, right?"

" Yes, Jimin. " He came up and hugged me from behind. "You've said that a lot today, is there something wrong?"

" No, I just love you. I want to make sure you never forget it." He smiled, placing a small kiss on my forehead.

" Do you trust me, Jimin?"

" Okay, now you're being weird." He pouted. " But yes, I'll always trust you."

" Then trust me, I'll never forget."

" I know."

" Y/N? Your food's getting cold." I stared at the food blankly, suddenly no longer hungry.
" I'm...not hungry anymore..."

" Y/N...Don't you dare not eat." Namjoon scolded. " Eat before I shove it down your throat."

" I'm just going to go work on the machine..."

" Y/N! You need to eat! Look at how tired you are! Please, eat so you have enough energy. You need to be healthy when we fix that machine, right?"

" Y/N! Why do you look so tired? You're not over working yourself again, are you? You know how much I hate it when you work too much." I hated making him upset, so I tried to offer a small smile but it came out too weakly and I knew he wasn't buying it.
" It's fine, Jimin. Just had to stay after for a little while longer to finish something." I breathed, exhausted.

" No. I need my Y/N nice and healthy at all times so she can grow up big and strong enough to play with me!" He sang, sweeping me off my feet and carrying me to the bedroom. He helped me freshen up and buried me in the blankets, bringing a small bowl of soup and a glass of water shortly after.

" It's fine, Jimin. You should go to sleep, it's late."

" I'm not leaving until you fall asleep."

" But I still have to finish my work..." I said, trying to get up.

" Forget it, you need to sleep. I'll talk to your boss tomorrow." He whispered, laying me back down.

" don't have to-"

" Just rest, Jagi. You work too hard." He shushed me, using such a gentle voice that instantly had me giving in. " You need to be well rested and healthy when we play tomorrow!"

" I don't want it!" I screamed, throwing the food down.

" Y/N!" Namjoon yelled, throwing his food down as well in anger. " Sit the fuck down and eat! Don't make me ask again!"

" I said I don't want it!" I began to sob, falling to my knees. I heard Namjoon sigh and walk over to where I sat on the floor.

" Y/N, please eat. Please. How long has it been since your last meal? I don't want Jimin to see you like this when we fix that machine, okay? So please eat. For Jimin." Namjoon held the food in front of my face, his voice laced with desperation.

I was being pathetic. Namjoon had done so much for me and I was still refusing his kindness. Besides, he had a point. Jimin would breakdown if he saw me like this, he wouldn't even recognize me. So I recollected myself and ate in silence with Namjoon.
Hold on a little while longer, Jimin. I promise I'll fix this.

A/N: Ah so sad!!! So, I'm at that stage where I'm overlapping ideas again...I'm trying to decide something and it's pretty important so it might take me a while. Which means you're going to have to wait a little longer for an update... Sorry but I'll try hard to make this decision and update as soon as possible for you all! Also, school is coming back to bite me soon so I'll be a little busy with that...Thank you for reading, I'll have the next chapter out as soon as I can!

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