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Who:Reader x Byun Baekhyun What: Semi Angst, Fluff Chapter 4 Story: You were happy with your idol boyfriend until the day came when your relationship became public and you started receiving harsh words and death threats from fans of his. Although you could careless what other people thought, Byun Baekhyun thought it would keep you safe to end the relationship. It's five years later and only one thing has changed....
Baekhyun's POV Finally, Friday arrived and he had stopped by Y/N's place at nine in the morning as per her instructions. He knocked on the door and waited for it to open. Y/N opened it up, he expected to see her in her work uniform but she wasn't. She looked kind of annoyed, "Is everything alright?" "Yeah, she's just getting her bag. Minhae, Baekhyun is here!" she called back to her. She turned back to him, her arms crossed and her eyes observing him. He was looking back at her trying to figure out what was wrong. She was very agitated and her hair was disheveled. "Y/N what's going on?" "Soo Han decided to bring my father down for a visit." she said looking down. "What?" he said surprised. Y/N and her father hadn't seen each other since she was six from what he remembered. That was when he walked out of her life but that's when it all hit him. The reason she locked up especially with him. People could leave her, he could leave her... he did leave her. Letting him back in was just asking for trouble is basically what she was thinking. He had a right to be with Minhae because she was his daughter which is why she had let him through the door. It was why, even though she probably wanted to keep them a part, she let him be with her anyway. It was why, that night she cried, she begged him not to leave her, she made him promise. Everytime she freaked out it went back to the moment her father left her. She didn't want that to happen to Minhae. It was the real reason she never told him about her being pregnant, he can't walk out on something he didn't know he had. If she didn't give him the option then she could just harden her heart towards him, she could push him out and not have to worry about Minhae suddenly watching her daddy walk out on her because things got too tough and fans got too crazy. Y/N was scared, terrified, of letting Minhae live with the guilt she had for years. She always blamed herself for her father leaving her and her family. She probably took it worse when Baekhyun himself left her. He had walked away without even considering what he was doing to her. Minhae really was the only thing she could and would live for. He had pushed his way beyond the walls she built up to protect herself from him but by the time the morning came she had put all those defenses back up again. What was her brother thinking bringing their father to her? He remembered back when they met she was very reluctant to go out with him despite her obvious attraction to him. When they had started dating, she kept him kind of at arms length she didn't want him getting closer to her than he needed to be. When he asked her, "Why won't you let yourself fall in love with me?" She answered him by saying, "Why love someone who can leave you?" Those words were powerful but she had said them with a smile on. He worked for a year to close the gap between them only to do exactly what she said he would. He felt terrible just realizing what he and done now. He stepped up to her and hugged her tightly. She put her hands between their bodies trying to push him off but he held onto her tighter. "Y/N I'm so stupid, I love you so much princess." he said. "What are you talking about Baekhyun?" she sounded confused. "I'll explain later but I love you. I won't leave you okay. I love you." he pulled away from her. She was trying to figure out what was up with him. He kissed her, not just a peck, a lasting kiss. His hand to her cheek the other to her waist. He pressed his forehead against hers. "I'm not going anywhere, never again." he said. "You really are an idiot." she whispered. He pulled back with a smile on his face. She was the most beautiful woman he ever had the pleasure of loving. Their daughter was the most beautiful child he ever had the pleasure of having. He couldn't imagine the stress going through her mind but he wanted to do everything he could to ease it. Minhae came up to them and reached up to Y/N, "Eomma here's the brush." she said. "Hey squirt how are you?" Baekhyun said. He lowered down to her level so they could be face to face. Y/N had taken the brush out of her hand. Her hand was still on top of Minhae's head when Minhae went and gave him a big hug. Her small arms wrapping around his neck. She had a small kitten backpack and she brought the dragon he bought her from China out with her. He was always happy to see her with it. "Baekie!" she called his name. Her tiny smile resembling his own, he laughed poking her little nose and in turn she poked his lips. He stood up and took her hand in his. He placed a hand on her neck, "We'll be back by nine sharp." he said. Her expressions were softer when Minhae was around. It may have been the reason why she didn't swat his hand immediately. She nodded at him and she smiled at Minhae, "Baby make sure you do what Baekhyun says okay. Remember to be a good girl no running around in the street stay close by, okay." "Okay mommy." she said smiling. "You're a good girl." Y/N smiled and patted Minhae's head. She turned back and handed Baekhyun the booster seat for his car. He thanked her and they walked down the steps that lead to her apartment. He got her all strapped up in the backseat and they pulled out from the drive way. "Where do you want to go squirt?" he said. "Let's eat!" she said excited. She was petting the fur of the dragon's mane seconds ago, she was distracted and quiet until he said something. "Okay we can go eat. After that you want to go to the studio? You'll get to meet some really famous people." "Studio? Uncle Chen Chen works at a studio too, he said its really big!" she said. "Yeah it is, we work together." "I wanna go, can I go in the booth?" she said happy. Baekhyun laughed, "Sure but don't tell anyone okay?" "Okay." He took her to a small cafe and had her put on one of the masks he brought, they both had one on. At least this way no one could really see her face. He ordered coffee and she asked for a muffin. He paid for both and waited for the coffee to be made. He knelt down to Minhae, "You know your Eomma doesn't like you having too many sweets so don't tell her I got you the muffin okay?" he said. "Okay." she laughed pressing her hand to her mouth. He held his pinky finger out to her and she wrapped hers around his. "Excuse me." a voice said. Baekhyun stood up, a girl smiled and he smiled back gently pulling Minhae behind him. "Yes?" he answered. "Can I take a picture with you?" she asked. He looked back for a second and nodded. She snapped a photo with him, he had his arm around her shoulder and his famous kitten smile, as Y/N liked to call it, was coming out. She thanked him and she waved but it wasn't at him. Minhae had poked her head out to see who the lady was. She waved back at her while her arm wrapped around Baekhyun's leg. Baekhyun bent down fixing the mask on her face. "You have to make sure you keep this on okay. Your mother would be upset if anyone took a picture of you." he said. "Why?" "She's concerned about your safety squirt." "Why did she want to take a picture with you?" she asked. "Well you know how I had to leave around your birthday for a concert a few months back?" She nodded. "It's because I'm a singer and a lot of people come out to hear me sing." "A lot of girls like you?" "Yeah a lot of girls kind of like me." "Mommy likes you too." she said. "You think?" She nodded again. Their items came out and he handed her, her muffin. He grabbed her hand and she continued talking. "Uncle Chen Chen says she should admit she loves you because it won't hurt so much." "He said that to you?" Baekhyun said surprised he'd talk about such things with a child. "No, he says it to her. I don't think he knows I can hear them. Sometimes they whisper," she laughed at herself. She probably knew it was inappropriate to listen in on adult conversations. "I don't understand though, why is mommy hurting? She says she's okay when I ask." she questioned. This was one smart little girl. "Your mother and I have a bit of a rocky history. I think she just wants to focus on you being happy Minnie." Baekhyun said. "I want mommy to be happy too! I want Baekie and Uncle Chen Chen to be happy!" she said almost cheering. Baekhyun laughed and picked her up and placed her in the booster seat, again strapping her in secure. A few other fans came by his car wanting autographs and usually if he were alone he'd sign them or take a picture but he apologized and said he had somewhere to be. He could hear one of the girls say, "I wonder if that's his daughter." another one said, "No way, she probably a niece." He drove off to the studio knowing they'd get some peace there. He could see why Y/N really didn't want them out in the open together still he was happy to have her. He let her stand in the booth and he put the head phones on her and she sang one of the lullabies that Y/N sang to her in the mic. Baekhyun took a video of it and sent it to Y/N. Baekhyun: Looks like our daughter is pursuing a career in singing. Y/N: Don't encourage such things. He laughed at her text but he partly believed she was serious. There was nothing wrong with being an idol there was just a lot of pressure to do well and keep up a good image for the fans. If he so much as stepped out of line there would be the so called 'fans' that were ready to rip him or any idol in general apart. To him the negatives didn't out weigh the good though because above all things he still liked being an idol. If he didn't, he would've tried to get out of his contract a long time ago. Instead, he signed on for an extra three years. Jongdae came into the studio and they talked a little, both of them playing with Minhae. Minhae obviously liked Jongdae but he was starting to think it was more of a crush on Jongdae than it was her choosing Jongdae over him. She was a little flirt, who knew. Baekhyun wasn't that much of a flirt and Y/N was always on guard, she'd never give herself a chance to flirt unless it was with Baekhyun. He wondered where that little trait came from. Still it was always funny to watch her interact with Jongdae. He spent some time with her at the park having to chase her around and pretend to be playing the brave knight to come and save her. Most of the afternoon was spent at the park before he took her out to eat and got her back home to Y/N. As they were approaching the door, he could swear he could hear arguing. "Who the Fuck are you to judge me on anything? You're the one that got pregnant with a damn idol. How long did your really think that was going to last?" a male voice yelled. "You leave her out this. This has nothing to do with Minhae." Baekhyun heard Y/N say. "Oh no you're right it has everything to do with her fucking father. You were getting better and the moment he leaves you, you revert back to the old you. You don't give a damn about anyone else but yourself and that kid." "So your conclusion is that I'm a terrible human being? What do you expect she's my daughter which is more than I can save for that sperm donor of ours. This is the same fucking man that walked out on us. Oh but I'm sorry, you probably have more memories with him than I do. That man broke my fucking heart at six. Six years old and if you believe I will ever forgive someone like that you're delusional as hell. I will never put my daughter through that hell. Mom fought like hell to give us everything we needed I would walk through hell to get my daughter anything she needed. With or without Baekhyun I am a fucking better human being than that man will ever be. He wants to apologize for his wrong deeds because he dying tell him to go to a fucking church and confess his sins, I don't have time to listen to him." She screamed. Minhae started crying, "Why is mommy yelling?" Baekhyun hugged her shushing her tears, they were yelling so loud at each other they weren't even at the top of the steps and still he could hear them. They must've been by the door though. It was silent for a second and Baekhyun picked up Minhae and came to the door completely prepared to interrupt the fight. He heard the male voice say, "Good luck to Minhae, the only thing you'll teach her is to be bitter like you." "Go Fuck yourself Soo Han." she spit out before the door swung open. Baekhyun had just reached out to ring the bell when Soo Han the eldest brother came out. He looked pissed and slightly red in the face from the anger and yelling. Minhae hid her face in Baekhyun's shoulder. Soo Han flashed him an evil glare before walking past him. Baekhyun looked at Y/N who was shaking from anger she was leaning on one foot while the other one shook restlessly. He couldn't help but think that Soo Han's encounter with her would only push her further back from him. All the work he had done gone to waste. Y/N wiped her eyes that had watered up he didn't know if it came from Soo Han's hurtful words or if it was because she knew Minhae was crying and over heard the argument. She walked over to grab her, "Come on baby let's get to bed." she said gently. "No! I want Baekie to do it!" she yelled into his shoulder. He saw Y/N's face twitch in pain. "Okay baby, as long as you get to bed. Goodnight Minne." she said kissing the top of her head. She walked into the house allowing Baekhyun to walk in. He went to get Minhae ready for bed. Y/N's POV You've heard worse words from your eldest brother, telling you that you were acting like a selfish bitch wasn't even close to the most painful. Nothing in the world was more painful then Minhae refusing to look at you though. Her voice sounding as if she was crying and buried in Baekhyun's shoulder, rejecting you getting her ready for bed and instead asking for her father. Her father She had heard them screaming at each other, it was probably the first time she ever heard you speak so harshly and so loudly. You couldn't remember the last time you were so angry to the point you were shaking. You walked outside once Baekhyun had helped her into the bathroom to wash up. Your tears of frustration ran down your face. Your throat hurt from yelling and trying to hold back tears. Soo Han had announced to you two days ago that he was coming down to visit you. The visit came out of no where but you didn't really want him seeing Minhae. He was the older brother that teased you a lot, it only successfully made you become quieter at home. The twins which were the youngest of the brothers, Haneul and Yonguel, we're the ones you were closer to. The age gap was about four years so it wasn't that much of a stretch trying to bond with them. The other three were hard to get close to. Your brothers were kind of like highschool cliques, they had their favorite pairings of each other and all of you really endured each others company during lunch and dinner if need be. You were mostly alone in the house and the only one you came to was your mother. Your mother acted brave when she was hurting; you knew it and some how developed the trait as well. You knew when she walked out of the house when everyone was fighting, she was crying by herself until it didn't hurt any more. You knew she didn't ever want any of you to see her that way. You learned as you grew up to stop asking about your father but you also learned to hate him. He left for another woman, a different family, six children and he just abandoned you all. You were the youngest, the one with very little memories of who he was but the memory of him walking out the door while your brothers slept was always in your mind. Your mother had been begging him not to go, asking him what she was supposed to tell you and your siblings he told her it was her problem. The image of him turning his back on your mother and walking out the front door with his bag in hand never left you. Neither did the impact that came afterwards. As you grew up with destructive and frankly rude older brothers, you learned to keep people at a safe distance. Safe as in not close enough to break your heart and reduce you to tears. Instead, you enacted revenge on the male populace in highschool. Going out with guys that were really into you but leaving them shortly after going out. You slept with a few guys but sex was just sex to you nothing special. Behind you was nothing but a trail of broken hearts of men you were never that into, they were just pretty to look at but a burden to entertain. You snuck out of the house multiple times and you once came home drunk. Your mother beat you that night and told you what you did wasn't safe, wasn't what women should do, it was dishonorable. That was the night you said the cruelest words you ever could say to your mother, "Is it any more dishonorable than letting another fucking whore steal your husband and leaving you weak and broke with six kids to take care of? Any more dishonorable then watching him walk out that god damn door!" You regret those words every time the memory comes to you. You were cruel to everyone, your brothers protected you sometimes, when it was unnecessary conflict but most times they left you to fight your own battles and you did. When girls got upset at you for stealing their boyfriends, you dished out terrible insults. If they tried to hit you, you hit them back harder. If guys confronted you, either trying to take advantage of you or trying to start shit with you, you made sure to send a message to the ones that followed you weren't terrified. You were heartless. Then that idiot Baekhyun came along, this kitten faced dork that made you smile and laugh. You did everything you could to force yourself not to love him but you did. He was able to destroy every wall you built up, any way of protection from those harmful feelings he broke them down he destroyed every defense....and then he left. So the walls went back up until you found out you were pregnant. You and Jongdae we already friends at that point, a year longer than you knew Baekhyun but he was kept at a safe distance as well. It was when the pregnancy came that you let him in behind the walls. Still he wasn't close enough to hurt you. Minhae was born inside those walls. Closer to your heart than anyone besides her father could get. So you decided she was the only one from then on that could get in. Why let someone in if they can walk away. Baekhyun said I love you millions of times and he still walked away. Men only walked away whether you were good or bad, they left and you wouldn't dare subject Minhae to that. Baekhyun still had an unbelievable power over you, especially when he said he loved you, when he called you princess or when he played with your daughter. With Baekhyun, every wall threatened to melt in the heat he stirred inside of you because he had shown you the love you didn't believe was real. He broke your heart but he did love you and you did love him. That's why you partly hated him, loving him just allowed you to hurt again. Minhae was the only one you should ever love. Soo Han always knew how to get to you though. Inviting him in the house with Minhae, even if he already knew about her, spelled trouble in the worst way. She had been asking to spend time with Baekhyun anyway. She liked the way he played pretend, she said he did it better than Jongdae did. That made you laugh because she chose her father over her crush. You liked that Baekhyun loved his daughter; you were just waiting for the inevitable event to happen when shit hit the fan and he'd say it was unsafe to be with you two. Six months had gone by and things were only quiet because he snuck around to see her and they hadn't been seen together outside since he picked her up from school. Soo Han just had to announce that he was bringing your father along the day he was supposed to show up. You knew there had to be a reason for the visit but you didn't think he'd be so stupid to do something like that. He had brought him alright and your father didn't look too good but it didn't phase you. No, because you had built walls of steel and anything else strong enough to block out the pain he had caused you. He sat on your couch next to Soo Han and he explained how he had cancer, he only had so long to live and he wanted to see you to make a mends. The other brothers had forgiven him and even your mother had forgiven him. Your heart was not so easily moved. You listened to him asking you to forgive him and apparently your brother took the liberty of explaining how fucked up you had been after he left. You stared at him emotionless until he was finished talking, finished apologizing. "I have no interest in rekindling any kind of relationship with you and if my dear oppa knows me so well then he should know bringing you here was only a waste of both of our time." you said. "Y/N just open that black hole you call heart and say you forgive him." Soo Han said. "Shut the hell up." you snapped at him. You leaned forward, your elbows resting on your thighs looking at your father intensely, you could see the resemblance between you and him and him and Soo Han. Soo Han looked more like him than you did and you were happy about that. "When you left my mother and she was begging you to stay-" "Y/N stop." Soo han interjected. "I told you to shut the Fuck up. I'm trying have a conversation with our father." you said spitefully towards him. He was looking upset that you were being difficult. He always hated that you stopped having emotions for anything or anyone outside of your mother. Even her, you pushed out. He hated how when they tried to be brotherly towards you, you dismissed them. They were only trying to be big brothers because your mother told them too. Especially Soo Han, you knew he never gave a damn about you. Even if they were trying to be like big brothers, their efforts came too late you had already locked up and pushed everyone and everything out. So Soo Han was the one that hated you the most. Your attention went back to your father, "When you left us she asked you what was she supposed to tell us, do you remember what you said to her?" Your father sighed he didn't answer though, "Let me refresh your memory then you told her 'it's your own damn problem' and now I say to you Daddy," had you said that word any more hatefully you could've cut out his heart. "You dying and wanting to make a mends- that's your own damn problem. Now get the hell out of my house." "Y/N I know how much I hurt you." he said. "No you don't. You know nothing about how much it broke my heart to watch you walk out that door. You don't know how hard I worked at making sure no one ever got close enough to me that they could hurt me the way you did. You don't know half of the destructive things I've done to myself and to everyone else around me. You're dying slowly from something eating away at you but trust me Appa it's not the guilt that's killing you it's just the cancer and if you close your eyes and take a deep breath then it'll be almost over." "Y/N!" Soo Han stopped you. You looked down at your sickly father, "You left me of your own choice, you left all of us on your own choice. You didn't give a damn about any of us. I don't care about your apology, me forgiving you doesn't make you stronger or weaker. The brothers forgave you, my mother forgave you, missing one won't really effect you that much. So die with happiness that the people that actually gave a shit about you forgave your selfish ass. Now this is the last time I will say it. Both of you- get the Fuck out of my house." They did, your father left with no words. No apologies, no fight, no evil remark or a nice one to sway you to his side. He was probably more in shock about how you turned out. Had you not had Minhae to worry about you would've drank yourself senseless. Still Soo Han came back, he ranted to you. Your words broke your father's heart and you felt proud of that. What Soo Han didn't know was that a part of you actually felt you were too harsh. A part of you felt like the fucking bitch he was calling you. Your mind went to Baekhyun. He left to protect you, he promised he'd stay for you and Minhae. He was not your father; he was not the person you hated with every fiber of your being he was the one person you loved when you couldn't love anything. He was the person that gave you something in return of his absence, a beautiful baby girl that lit up your life everyday. You wondered if you would've had either if it wasn't for your farther leaving you. You wondered how the butterfly effect might've changed your life. You'd give the world for Minhae, you'd walk through hell and back. He made you stronger as a mother because you knew how to love her harder than anyone in the world could. So you partly felt your conscious burning in the back of your head telling you what you had said and done was too much. You wouldn't say you were sorry but you could consider the possibility of forgiving him. That was until Soo Han had said you were worse than your father. You spat back at him that he was just too damn weak. He had his problems too, smoking, drinking, partying, the orgies, he was no saint. Your father walking out fucked up all of you in your own special way but then he threw Minhae and Baekhyun in your face making it seem like just keeping Minhae was the dumbest thing you'd ever done. Loving the daughter of an idol, he probably thought you were just trying to find someway to cling onto Baekhyun. So you lost it, your consideration for your farther was gone in your anger at your elder brother. The two of them could die together in fucking happy rainbows and gumdrop tears for all you cared. The anger made you shake, the frustration made your eyes water but your daughter made you cry. She didn't need to see it or hear it but it happened. You cried because you had scared her, because she wanted Baekhyun and not you. The more your tried to stop the tears the more they came out. You heard the door open and Baekhyun called your name softly. You couldn't even speak you were crying so hard. He wrapped his arm around your neck and brought you closer to him. His other hand wrapped around your shoulder to rub your back. Your tears staining your face and covering his shirt making it stick to him a little. He shushed you, he kissed the top of your head and squeezed your tighter to him. Your hands were to his chest gripping his shirt. Baekhyun was the only man that could do this and give you comfort, the only man that could see you cry. The only man you could ever love. You looked up at him sniffling from the tears that were now coming down silently. His hand came up to your cheek to brush your tears away with his thumb. "Our little girl is asleep." he said. Just like every night, "I'll tell her. We can tell her." you said. He looked at you confused like he had no idea what you were referring to. "We- we can tell her you're her father. Tomorrow." you said. His eye widened in shock but in a second his lips came crashing down on yours. Your hands raking through his hair tugging lightly making him kiss you deeper and harder. Your lips hurt a little, slightly swollen, his teeth biting your bottom lip. His low hungry growl came as he pulled away from you to say, "I love you princess." "I love you too." you said. You didn't know why you said it, you did love him but you didn't think you'd say it so confidently. Again it took him by surprise; he trapped you against the door. "Don't say such dangerous words if you don't mean it princess." he smiled. "That's my line." you said grabbing his shirt. He hovered his lips over yours once again doing the thing that you hated but turned you on beyond belief: he teased the kiss. He pulled away when you came closer and smiled bigger. "Say it again." "What?" you asked. "Say it again and I'll give you want you want. Say it." You hesitated at first, when you had said it, it was like an automatic reflex that came out. "I love you." you said. "It sounds amazing coming from your lips. Say it again." You gripped his shirt tighter trying to pull him closer so you could get your reward but he backed off again. "I love you." you said your voice almost desperate. "Again." "I love you." A hungry growl came from his throat again as he pressed himself against you, "Look what your words have done to me princess. You'll have to take care of this." he smiled. He had placed your hand against his forming erection. Just 'I loves you's' did this to him? He was strange but he finally gave you what you wanted. He kissed you and hard, both his hands coming up to cradle your face, tongues wrestling with each other and hot breaths passing through the cold air. He opened the door while holding your hand and moved quick kicking his shoes off and you mirroring the same action. You closed the door behind you and he pulled you off quickly to your room. You two spent practically the entire night making love. It was never just sex between you two but this time it was like a whole different world. You couldn't think of a word that would fit better than making love. When the morning came, you hadn't pushed him out and he was beyond satisfied with that. "I'm sorry I never realized exactly what me leaving did to you. I thought it was for the best but I just want you to know I'm never leaving you again. Either one of you because I love you." Baekhyun said. You two were still laying down naked in the sheets. The morning sun showering over you two. Your head was laying on his outstretched arm giving that hand prefect access to bend and play with you hair. You smiled back at him, "Okay let's say I believe you, I just want you to know I love you too but Minhae is our baby girl and she's always before you." "I'm okay with being second to her as long as you love me too." he said He leaned over wrapping his arms around you and laying on top of you. He kissed you sweetly, you two were so distracted with each other that you didn't hear the door knob to your door open up. Minhae had walked in and Baekhyun had quickly flipped back over covering himself in the blanket. You covered yourself up too, "Mommy are you still upset?" she asked walking over to get on the bed She was just dismissing the fact that she saw anything. Well maybe she didn't but still Baekhyun and you were both naked. She sat on the bed, the Dragon in her hand and you patted her head still holding the bed sheet up to you, "No baby I'm not upset anymore." you said gently. "Then can we go to the park?" she asked. You chuckled, "Sure baby I just have to get dressed okay. You go get ready." You hoped that she would just go and question you later but that wasn't so, "Baekie stayed with you? Will you come too?" "Sure squirt." he answered. "Why are you guys naked, I thought we have to wear pajamas when we go to bed." Minhae asked. "Okay Minnie that's enough questions go get dressed so we can get to the park okay?" you said. She said okay and was off to her room with her dragon. She really liked that thing. Baekhyun went back to kissing you. You pulled him off, "We can't she's awake and expecting to go to the park." you said. "I know, I know. In exchange why don't you say it again?" You rolled your eyes, he made you say it over and over again all last night. "I love you, you kitten." you said. He laughed and kissed you again then jumped up to put his clothes on. "I'll meet you two there okay." "Wait, I think we should tell her before we go." He looked back at you and smiled with a nod. You got up and washed. You came out and Baekhyun looked ready to do this. You walked out with fresh clothes on and Minhae was dressed up in the living room with her toys. "Baby come here for a second." you said sitting down on the couch. She came over and sat on your lap. You turned to Baekhyun and turned her to face him, your hands held out before you both and her hands in yours. You kissed her cheek before saying, "Do you remember when Uncle Chen Chen told you to make a wish on that lady bug at the park?" "Yeah!" she said turning back looking at you a little. "Do you remember what you wished for?" you said. "A daddy." she said with a smile. Your eyes looked back to Baekhyun in front of you. She turned back to Baekhyun, Baekhyun smiled. He took her from your arms and said, "Minhae, I'm your Appa." he said gently. She looked at him then at you and you gave her a smile and nodded. She pressed her hands to her cheeks, "Oh my gosh!" she said with surprise. She pressed her hands to his face then looked back at you, "My wish came true mommy!" You nodded petting the back of her head. "I know baby. Now you have your mommy and your daddy." She laughed and hugged Baekhyun's neck. She pulled back and he gave her a kiss. "Mommy and Daddy are going to take you to the park now okay. We'll go together as a family, alright." he said. "Yeah!" she said happily. Baekhyun looked up at you with a smile. You smiled back. Here's what you knew: Love hurt, it hurt so much you wanted to give up on it and to push it away. However, despite all the hurt that came with loving someone, two of the most important people in your life sat in front of you smiling at you too happy for words and only allowed giggles to escape. Somethings happened for a reason and they happened that way for a reason. Sometimes you wanted to know why they worked that way but it was like putting together a puzzle the picture didn't really start forming until you spent sometime putting the pieces together. But when that picture formed, it was more beautiful than words could describe. You were given the greatest gift time could grant you. The ability to love the two human beings in front of you and break down every wall you ever built...Forever. Epilogue You and Baekhyun started dating again, you two were careful of how you guys went out but eventually he just exposed that he was dating you on an interview. You were a little upset at him for that because you wanted him to at least talk to you about that first. You went back to your father and introduced Minhae to him. It took every thing in you to forgive him but Baekhyun advised you to. Anger didn't make you stronger it exposed your weaknesses. Minhae once again cheerfully welcomed him as someone she would love. Her happy and innocent nature was the cure for anyone's bitter heart and you let it go. It felt like a relief at long last. By now, the media knew all about Minhae which you were not happy about but there weren't many issues there were a few nasty comments but luckily no death threats and Baekhyun issued an official statement that he didn't want fans to talk about his daughter or you and asked that they wouldn't take pictures of her without permission. Pictures still showed up every now and again but as long as they weren't in her face you couldn't complain much. Two years passed by and the only time you really saw your other brothers was at your father's funeral when the cancer finally took his life. You were slightly happy he didn't have to suffer much any more. Closer to the end he just seemed in more pain. Minhae was nothing but a ball of energy she didn't understand much why he wouldn't play a lot with her. That was a hard conversation to have with her but she picked herself up like a champ. She was your tough little Minnie. Baekhyun and you were engaged, he asked you to marry him during one of his concerts, on stage no less and openly admitted he chose the stage for two reasons: it was getting recorded anyway and you were less likely to say no to him with thousands of fans watching you. Of course that only made you want to say no to get back at him but you granted him the three letter word he wanted to hear. Of course after that you got the news of another baby on its way, or rather their way. You were having twins. One boy, one girl from what the doctor had announced to you when it was time to get the sex of the babies. "I'm not going anywhere." he reminded you. "You better not."you laughed. What followed down the road wasn't a perfectly happy ending but life wasn't always a perfectly happy story. What was perfect was your family, your two girls and your little boy and your husband. What was perfect was the undying love you had for all these people in your life. So it didn't matter when things got a little rough sometimes. All that mattered was that they were happy. You loved them all and they loved you. ~The End~
well this story was a nice little treat.. real sweet. so legit. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
@matty0203 thank you so much I'm glad you liked it. 😁😁😁
Wow!!!! That was an amazing story!!! I loved every bit of it!! Very deep showing the human side of anyone when they go through that kind of pain. I can't hardly wait to binge read Mr. Sandman!!! Great job @BabydollBre great job!!!!
@BabydollBre Salanghae!!!!!! πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
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