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Dean has been creeping up on my bias list like you have no idea.. at first he was on fourth place now he's in 2nd place like how the he'll he did that, I don't know what's going on... is it his perfect voice lol?
or is it his face like what the h e l l how can there be a man like this... he's too perfect looking...
look at that nose and lips... he has a better nose than me and lips... and let's not talk about his skin is flawless...
as you can see he doesn't give a damn about anybody lol
that sexy move what... boy you need to stop..
that Bad Boy feeling...
plus he's hella fashionable...
who needs lock screens or backgrounds? lmao still mad because I didn't get to see bae at kconLA I will forever regret it!!!
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...he low-key looks like Freddie from iCarly and I can't unsee it