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Ello Everyone! Here is chapter 7!


Link---> *Note* This will be a Fanfic for Mature Readers so read at your own risk!

Ravi X Reader

*The next day* I woke up feeling so exhausted. My back and legs hurt from all the walking back and forth, carrying trays with food and drinks at work. Even though I wanted to stay in bed, I got up and went to take a shower hoping I would feel a bit more better. I decided to go with a Blue white long shirt and Black leggings. It's my comfort clothing. I went to the kitchen to see what to make for breakfast and decided to go for Pancakes. *Knock Knock* I heard the door knock. For some odd reason my heart was beating fast. I made my way to the door. Their was a second knock. I opened the door and was in total shock. "Hey y/n!" N said smiling I looked over his shoulder to see Ravi standing behind him. "H-heyy guys, what are you doing here?" I say still in shock "We came to see if you wanted to eat breakfast with us. We asked the other guys if they wanted to come but they we're all busy with other plans except Ravi so he came along" He replied back "Ah, I see. Well I'm actually making pancakes right now.....would you like to join me instead of going out to eat?" I said "Sure, I have no problem with that. You Ravi?" He says turning to look at him "I don't mind either." He said shyly In my mind I was just thinking about how people can say that Ravi is a player. He doesn't seem like he is...maybe they are wrong about him. I mean, he responded back to N shyly...A player is not shy.. "Great! Come on in" I say moving away from the door so they can come in. I closed the door and walked to the kitchen with them walking behind me. Soon after I made it to the kitchen to flip a pancake, my phone goes off.
It was a text. From Leo. Leo: Hey y/n, wanna go out for breakfast? Crap...What should I do! Should I invite him over too? Or will it be weird.. "Hey guys...would you mind if I invite a friend over as well?" I say looking at them "No, not at all. This is your place after all" N says and chuckles I chuckled but looked over at Ravi. He was being quiet lately. He would only talk to me when I was alone. "I don't mind N says, it's your place" He says looking at me "Okay thanks guys" I say flipping the pancake Me: I have visitors right now but come by and have breakfast here. I'm making pancakes :) I replied to his text and went back to the pancakes. Then my phone goes off again. Leo: Free Food? On my way. I chuckled at his reply. Geez, he sometimes scares me. He's so serious. I had already finished a few so I handed N and Ravi a plate and had them grab their pancake. I went to the fridge, pulled out the syrup and placed it on the table. *Knock Knock* "Ah that's probably him. I'll be back. Can someone keep an eye on the pancake for me please?" I say while walking to the door. I heard N replying that he'll keep an eye out for the pancakes. Leo was standing smiling once I opened the door. I gave him a hug and led him inside closing the door. We then made our way to the kitchen where N and Ravi we're at. "Hey guys this is-" "Leo?!?!?" Both Ravi and N said at the same time I glanced at both of them and then at Leo who was standing in shock. "You guys know each other too?!?!" I say
All three turned to look at me and nodded yes. "Woow. This is just getting very weird" I continued I made my way back to the kitchen and told N that he can go back to sit down. He walked back next to Ravi and sat. Leo was still standing but I motioned him to sit as well. He made his way inside the kitchen and sat in the corner by Ravi. I finished the pancakes and went to place them on the table. I grabbed two more plates, handing one to Leo and we sat down to eat. I noticed I hadn't placed any drinks on the table so I got up again and went to the fridge pulling out some juice. "Is juice okay with all of you? Or would any of you prefer coffee? I can prepare it if any of you would like some" I say "Juice is fine with me y/n, thank you' N spoke "Same with me, juice is fine with me" Ravi then spoke The only person who didn't say anything was Leo so when I didn't hear from him, I turned around to look at him to see what his response was. He was about to take a bite of his pancake but stop mid-way when he saw that everyone was looking at him. "Oh sorry, just that this pancake is so good, I lost my thoughts into how good it is...but yeah juice is fine with me too y/n" He responded smiling, then bit his pancake I chuckled at his response but went ahead and grabbed the cups to pour the juice. I handed everyone a cup and placed the juice in the middle of the table. "Juice will be right here if you need a refill okay guy?" I say and sat down to eat. The boys nodded yes and went back to their food. It got silent afterwards. I hate it when it gets silent. "So..." I started "How do you all know each other?" I continued then took a bite of the pancake Ravi looked up and stared at me. I seriously can get lost in those eyes of his. "We all met in school. We've known each other for years and lived together for a while too. We're all best friends." Ravi says still looking at me He licked his lips to wipe off the syrup I gulped. He had a smile on his face as he saw me gulp. Then he bit his lip while still staring at me. "Yeah, it gets even better that we all share the same dream. We all want to be successful idols." N says interrupting my thoughts Ravi chuckled at my reaction. I turned to face N to get my mind off what Ravi did. Lord... "That's good though! Why haven't you guys tried out for a company?" I say "We have been thinking about it for so long, along with the rest of our friends. It's why we moved in to this building. We want to get into Jellyfish Entertainment" N says "So why don't you guys sign up for an audition? I'm sure you guys will get in." I say smiling They all looked at me smiling "What? I'm just saying if you guys really want to be idols, then you guys need to do something about it. It doesn't hurt to try right?" I continued and smiled "Your right. We do need to do something. We'll have a talk with the others and make a decision together. " N says "Now that's what I'm talking about. N you might as well be the leader of the group. You talk more" I say and chuckled "Heyyy how come I can't be the leader!" Ravi said pouting "Because... Your Ravi" I say and chuckled N and Leo Chuckled. Then after a few minutes Ravi ended up chuckling as well. We all continued to eat as we talked to one another. I noticed Leo became quiet again. It made me sad that he wasn't participating in the conversation so I decided to help him out. "Leo you seem very quiet. Are you okay?" I say turning to look at him He looked up at me and smiled but didn't say anything. "He's usually quiet. Doesn't really say much, only keeps to himself alot." Ravi says "He's not like that around you though Ravi" N says chuckling "Thats because I'm awesome" He responds N and I snorted and chuckled "Well I am the one who talks to him the most." Ravi continued "That's true" N says I turned to look at Leo and saw that he was blushing and had a small smile on his face. "Well we should get going. It's 1:45pm. The rest of the guys should be done doing whatever they said they were gonna do. Ill go have a talk with them about auditioning." N says as he gets up with his plate, fork and cup to the sink. "Oh no, it's okay N. You can leave everything there and I'll clean up" I say "Same with the both of you guys" I continued as I looked at Leo and Ravi. "Are you sure? Because I don't mind cleaning up." N says Leo and Ravi looked at me. They said the same thing N did. "I'm sure" I respond They all stood up and started walking to the door. "Thank you again for breakfast y/n, it was very delicious. I've never had such amazing pancakes" N says and chuckles. I chuckled as well and told him it was nothing and that I was glad he liked them. I hugged Leo first, then N but when it came to Ravi's turn, I didn't want to let go. He smelled so good it was driving me nuts. We let go of each other and looked at each other. He had a smile on his face. Leo and N said good bye and they started walking. "I'll catch up to you guys later. I need to speak to y/n" Ravi says keeping his eyes still on me. Leo and N both said alright and they disappeared around the corner. "What did you need to talk about Ravi?" I say trying not to sound nervous. "I'm gonna help you clean up the dishes whether you like it or not y/n. You made the food, it's the least I can do" Ravi says "Ravi, it's totally fine. I can do i-" "I know you can do it but I don't want you to do it all yourself. Don't fight back cause you'll just lose" He says cutting me off I snorted but gave up. I let him back in and walked to the kitchen. He grabbed his dishes and N's while I grabbed mine and Leo's. He ended up washing while I dried and placed the dishes in their spot. Our hands kept touching each other and I couldn't help but smile about it. "Why are you smiling?" He says Shit. I think he noticed. "Hmm. I wasn't smiling" I say pretending to act like I don't know what he's talking about "Yeah you were. Don't lie" He says passing a plate to me "Ok so what if I did smile. I'm not allowed to smile at my house or what?" I say drying the plate and putting it away He chuckled and said "No your allowed to smile. Just took me by surprise. You should smile more, you look cute" I blushed His eyes widened after hearing what he said. He froze with a plate on his hands. I chuckled "So I'm cute eh. Didn't know you saw me as cute Ravi. Thank you" I say as I leaned over him to take the plate He was blushing "Well um. You are. I mean well um..I...ahh" He says studdering I placed my hand on his shoulder "It's fine ravi breathe. I'm just a girl, I'm not gonna bite you or anything" I say chuckling He turned to look at me and smiled. I smiled back. We finally finished the dishes. It was almost time for us to start our shift at work so he said he was going to head back to his place to get ready. I walked him to the door and opened it. Him following behind me. "Thank you for helping me even though it really wasn't necessary" I say "No need to thank me. And I know it wasn't but how else was I gonna get some alone time with you y/n" He says and smiles "You really have a habit of making girls blush do you?" I say smiling He chuckled and said "not just any girls y/n. Only you" He says and winks Oh lord help me... He hugged me and whispered "And also, I wouldn't mind if you bit me either" I shivered at how deep his voice got He let go, winked and started walking away from me disappearing around the corner.

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