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Today is ★TOP Community Just TOP Event★ ↝Day 2 Movie or Drama Night!!!↜ The Movie I picked is ◇◆71 Into the Fire◆◇2010 Here is the announcement card if you like to join us on this 4 days events!!!!
Here is TOP on the show "Night after Night" Talked about how he started his acting career and how he felt after won the Blue Dragon Film Rookie Awards for the movie ▷▶71 Into the Fire◀◁
Here is the clip of TOP at 31st Blue Dragon Film Awards!!! When he won the Rookie Awards for this Movie!!! How can we forget this moment when he walk on stage with the sliver white hair and wine suit!!!!!
GOD Damn...
71 Into the fire movie↝TOP Cut↜ I was so sad... at the end of the movie... when he died...unlike Daesung... I do have tears in my eyes!!!!and it did drops like crazy!!!! where is my tissues
What is your favorite TOP Movie or Drama?? I do love all his Movies and Dramas... But I try to pick one only, otherwise I won't be able to sleep tonight again..... I might watch them over and over again!!!
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I can't pick my favorite movie or drama with him in it I have seen all of them and they are all great
@lilbr0wneyes 1000% agreed with you!!!!!!