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I held my neck, cause the in-human sound I made to say Haru's name, hurt my throat. "Wow you really can't talk?" I nodded my head as I looked at Tablo. "Well I got you a free day pass, you're gonna want to change into this."
He handed me the present bag, as his wife petted my heart. "Such a strong soul." I remembered that she wanted to meet me before. I feel bad though that I can't have a full on conversation with her. I looked into the bag and noticed it was a dress.
I then looked up, and saw they were all dressed up too. I used my phone to talk to Tablo, and asked if we're going to Jay's engagement party. Tablo looked at his wife, as she read the question too. "Um honey, its not Jay's engagement party... Simon's announcing his engagement to his girlfriend."
I stared at them both in shock, and grabbed the foot of my bed to hold myself up. Haru came over and patted the bag. "Go change, unnie. I want to see how pretty you look with it." I petted her head before trying to walking over to the bathroom to change.
It was a beautiful purple vintage swing dress, with a white belt. I went to open the door to show them, when Kang Hye-jung, Tablo's wife, was getting ready to knock. "So pretty...Okay, here the shoes. We got you flats, sine doctor said no to heals."
I smiled and bow in thanks before taking them. "Now lets do something about your hair." Hye-jung came into the rest room with me, and had me sit on the toilet lid as she did my hair. This way I could put the shoes on.
Once done, we both came out, and Haru and Tablo smiled at us. "Unnie looks pretty." I smiled and gave Haru a hug. "Miss Ryan, I have to give you a check up before you go off for the day. Just remember to come back afterwards though, haha."
I nodded, before going with her for the quick check up. I then met Tablo and his family outside in the van, to attend the engagement party. "Unnie, It is hard for you to talk?" I felt bad cause I couldn't give her a more proper answer, so I just nodded m head yes.
I would love to have my voice back, but it wasn't time yet. "At least she still understands Korean." Hye-Jung commented, as we drove over to a hotel. I looked out the window, and felt nervous.
This was actually Simon's engagement party, an it wasn't to me. I felt sick, and wasn't sure if I could go through with crashing. Hyuk Woo greeted us, as he noticed me instantly. "Lavi!" He ran over to help me get out of the van, and hug me.
"I miss you so much, and you look so beautiful." He smiled as he held both my hands in his own. "What don't miss me?" He pouted, as I went to talk. Tablo stopped me though and touched my shoulder.
"Loco-ah, she till can't talk. It hurts her too much. Just be glad she can walk." Hyuk Woo looked me over, as you can see the heartache in his eyes. "Let's just get you inside to the party. Though not sure you'll like crashing it and all."
I looked down, before turning away from Hyuk Woo, to head in with Haru. She guided me right to the restaurant, inside the hotel. Everyone was already having fun, as I noticed My siblings, parents, Simon's parents and siblings, as well as all of our friends from AOMG to Cohorts.
I turn around to see Tablo, Hyuk Woo and Hye-Jung, to see them smile from ear to ear. The room went silent the moment they all noticed I was here. "About time you got here..." I looked over at Simon as he walked over to Haru and me.
"Haru, would you mind if I take Unnie?" She gave my hand to Simon, as I looked around frantic, since I was so lost. "Heads up Simon, she still doesn't have her voice." Tablo shouted, as I saw Simon's head nod. "Its alright, all I need is her to nod me the answer."
I looked over at Lance, whilst he winked at me. It finally clicked in my head, that I was set up. I covered my mouth with my free hand, as I looked up at Simon. "I love that you are so smart. Can't hide anything from you for too long. Remind me later to punch Lance for saying it was Jay's engagement party. He only been dating Je'Naye for a month."
Jay punched Lance's arm hard, making him cry out in pain. I just pointed and silently laughed at Lance's pain. "Good to see she still got her sense of humor." My baby brother Tyson, commented as I smiled at him. "Lavi?"
I turned to look down at Simon. When I wasn't looking he had gotten down on one knee, while holding my hand. "Yes!" I shouted happily but ended up cough while holding my chest. Simon laughed, as Seonghwa came to give me a glass of water.
My eyes tear up, as I wave away the glass. It wasn't a dry cough, it was cause by pain. I felt a chill wrapping around my index finger to see a beautiful ring. "Ki....Kiseok." I spoke softly, which made it easy to speak. "Shh, Don't speak, I already know."
I puff up my cheeks and threw the ring I gave him at his head. He closed his eyes, as I moved his hair out his face to flick his forehead next. "I deserved that." I pointed to my eye, then my heart, and lastly him. He picked up the ring, before getting up on both feet.
"Saranghaeyo, Lavi." He kissed my lips, after holding me close to him. "I am sorry we all got too busy to visit you, but there was no way I was going to turn thirty-three without being engaged to my beautiful girlfriend." I rested my head on his chest, whilst sneaking my arms under his suit jacket.
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OK Simon redeemed himself lol... that dork!
how romantic! I was starting to feel bad for Lavi 😒
I was like"why the hell they they want her to go to Simon's party?" And then it clicked πŸ˜‚. You sneaky one! 😈.
That scared me!!!πŸ˜– I thought he had moved on but nope!! You did good Simon!!πŸ‘
AWWWWWWWW He's lucky she didn't hurt him. Shit I was nervous!! this is the kind of chapter I need in the morning!! this was wonderful! and I love you Haru too?! so good.
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