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Hi Hi! so I'm posting this super later but I was only doing a short chapter do I figured why not post after I finished it. Now if you missed @SarahVanDorn chapter you should check out part 42 oh and a little note, I went a little back to Jenni and Namjoon after Sarah and Kooki snuck away.
"Where did they go?" Jenni questioned looking behind her to see Sarah and Kooki gone. Namjoon chuckled. "They ran away!"he said. "Oh ooh bad girl bad boy" she said like a pretty schooler. "Leave 'em be babe " he said. "Fine " she pouted. "Adorable babe. Come on" he said guiding her away from the elevator. "Where are we going?" She asked. "To my room" he said. "Okay" she said all of a sudden shy. She didn't say anything when they went into his room. He sat on the bed and pulled her to sit in between his  legs, her back to his chest. "Um Joonie" she said finally breaking the silence she created. "What's up?" He asked putting his head on her shoulder. "Uhm I have to say it but I don't know how to say it" she said trying to control her emotions. "Just say it " he said. "Easier said then done. Okay um how about we play a game, oh that game earlier was fun" she adjusted herself to look back at him. He was the one to just stare at her. "You don't want to play?" She pouted. "What do you want to say?" He asked all serious.  "Boy do you make it hard " jenni sighed, she moved to get up but he locked her in place making it so she couldn't move. He got a playful grin and then all of a sudden he was tickling her making her laugh and loose her nerves. "So are you ready to talk now?" He asked after she was smiling and back to herself. "Fine" jenni sighed. "I had just wanted to say I'm not ready to do anything past making out, right now. I'm extremely  nervous about moving to fast " she let out all in one breath. There wasn't any more nerves in her to feel embarrassed about saying it out loud all of a sudden. "Jenni" he said her name. "You had me worried just for that?" He laughed.  " I didn't bring you in here to do anything just to talk and be together. Not that I don't want to but it's not going to be on a tour, in a rush on our first time, I'd  want to spend all night and morning loving you" he told her. Her face grew hot and her stomach did another flip, oh boy, what this man was doing to her. Okay, so she could still get embarrassed. "Good to know" she nodded. His face was so close to hers that if she moved a little they would be pressed together . They stayed like that for another moment before he moved back, they were both sitting on the bed so Jenni moved to sit in the comfy chair and pulled her legs up to her chest. It made him laugh. "So what do you want to talk about?" She asked at last. "Did you just run from me?" He questioned. She thought about her action and laughed "Yes, yes I did" she said. "Is my klutzy panda really getting shy on me?" He sounded astonished. "Yes yes she is" jenni said referring to herself in third person. "Come here " he laughed holding out his hand.  She stared at him. "Don't make me come over there to get you" he said playfully making her giggle. "Do you have concerts coming up?" Jenni asked changing the subject. " We have a few left, we won't be back in Seoul until Aug 16th" he said getting up. " We have tomorrow still here before we head out" he was walking towards her now. "Cute" he mumbled before he dumped her out of the chair breaking the chair leg  and picked her up. "Seriously?" She questioned, not upset by what he just did, just shocked. She looked back at the chair and burst out laughing.  "You broke the chair!" Jenni exclaimed. " It came that way" he covered up setting her on the bed. He grabbed  the remote. "Will you watch a movie with me?" He asked making her look at him. "What?" She questioned confused. "What brought that on?" She asked He just shrugged "Want to do something Normal and since we can't go out we can stay in and watch a movie and fall asleep together" he said. "Awe that's adorable. Okay let's do it" she nodded. So they put a movie on and snuggled up to watch it, barely made it half way before Jenni turned to see he was fast asleep. The next morning they got up early and decided breakfast. Jenni ran to her room to change clothes before meeting him back at his room.  She threw on a different pair of leggings, a tank top and a hoodie that hung very loose on her. She laughed at her reflection before she left the room and went back to Namjoon.  When he answered the door she couldn't help but laugh again.  "We're twins" she said seeing him in a gray goodie as well. " Come on panda let's grab breakfast" he said slinging an arm over her shoulders and staring her to the elevator.  Several other people got on as well but didn't recognize the two of them with their hoods up. " Do you think jenni is in the room?" Sarah questioned Kooki,  they were standing in front of them.  " I doubt it" Kooki chuckled "Ah you think she stayed with namjoon " she guessed. "Yea" Kooki said as the elevator doors opened and they got off. The doors shut and they both burst out laughing. "I see I wasn't the only one who stayed out last night" jenni finally said. "Babe" namjoon said. "Okay just us right now" she said snuggling into his side.  They got off the elevator and went into a cafe near by. Jenni ordered coffees and pastries for them and then went to sit by Namjoon. "Are you becoming friends with the guys from Got7?" He asked "Huh?" She missed something. "I got a message from Jackson telling me about Ruby and Diamond being at KCON and how he was jealous that I got to see them again"  he said "Oh wow we made an impression on them." She laughed "Its the pandas, we got to talk to Amber twice and she remembered us because I had been handing panda's out to everyone " Jenni laughed. "But wait are you friends with him?" She asked confused. "Yea, I do have friends outside of the group " he said sounding hurt. "Im sure, that's not what I meant I didn't know you were friends with him " she said "Well yes I am" he nodded,  They talked a little bit about the kinds of people they knew and what kinds of personalities they were drawn too . Apparently they were both drawn to people with outgoing, bubbly personalities. "Oh hey random question brought on by last night" jenni started. "What?" He raised an eyebrow at her.  "Was it true Jimin liked me?" Jenni asked. The look he gave her,  it made her want to laugh even as he flashed an annoyed look at her. "Don't get any ideas, your my klutzy panda" he said. "Oh possessive are you" she pointed out. "Well then I'm going to take it that it was true" jenni said "He knows better then to go after you. Just friends for you" he pointed at her.  "Yup yup, as long as he stays in his lane and doesn't grab my attention " with the look she got from him she revised what she said "okay okay he will always be friend material " jenni said.  "Good" he nodded. An hour after they got there they went back to the hotel and said their goodbyes only to end up with the entire group and sarah in one room. "I can't believe you 4 went and got food without us" Jin said sounding hurt. "Im sorry?" Sarah questioned "Your sorry? You should be!" Jin said making the girls laugh. A cellphone went off. "Jenni!" Sarah said.  "What?" Jenni said. "Answer your phone! " she said. "Huh, oh its mine" she said happily digging through her purse. "I highly doubt anyone in this room other then you has that as their ring tone " she said "What it says,  message for the princess," jenni started "It could have been Jin’s" Jimin pointed out making people chuckle. The guys teased for a moment about it. "Whose it for? " Namjoon asked " Jordan, I couldn't find one that has killer in it that didn't freak me out" jenni stated. "Jordan calls her killer, it's a nicname" sarah chipped in. "Oh he says he's waiting on us to check out" jenni read the message. " I guess this means we have to go" she added. Sadly everyone went there own ways and the girls went off to pack. Jordan and Niki met them downstairs 15 minutes later. After they checked out they packed up the car and headed back to Arizona. "What did you think?" Jenni asked her brother. "Yea, you seemed like you got along with the guys last night, bonded over something" sarah chipped in. "And you didn't bring any embarrassing old stories out" jenni said. "Or straight out embarrass us" sarah said.  "Although I think it would take alot to do that, I mean we've already had the conversation about our ashes in front of them " jenni turned to Sarah.  "And how I get half your ashes so I can take you around the world and throw you in people's faces" sarah shot back. "I don't think I mentioned that I would be taking your ashes on a cruise boat and waving you in the air to land in the sea, oh and how I would sprinkle you on the pyramids in Egypt I'll put you on objects not people.  Oh no I was going to put some of your ashes in jewelry and hand it out to people. I dress you up so people can wear you fashionably" jenni went crazy about the possibilities she thought of. "Jenni I think I have to draw the line at jewelry or at least keep it to lockets and that's it. I don't need a stranger having a ring with me inside it, " she shuddered. "wait a minute I take that back you can give a ring to kooki." she revised. " best of all if we die about the same time were going to become ghosts and haunt people and pull pranks" sarah said. "Oh but don't forget if I die before you, you have to pull off my bucket list of going around the world otherwise I'll haunt you until you do" jenni said. "Fine but I'll do the same " sarah said.  "Okay, although I may just hold off on doing it so that you can continue haunting me and I can have a ghost best friend.  Oh gosh that would be awesome, I'd want a best friend ghost " jenni thought about that. "No you have to do it all but if you really want me to continue haunting you after I will" sarah said and jenni cheered. "You two are so weird " Jordan said from the front seat. "This is why it's pointless to try and embarrass you, you already do it yourselves" he commented. "But hey if they can deal with you acting like this and still be with you, good for them you got winners!" Niki laughed. "So approval?" Jenni questioned "Yea, yea they are good guys. A little possessive. That young one-" "Kooki?" Sarah supplied.  "Yea, he kept you close to him" Jordan stated. Jordan pointed out little tidbits he noticed about each guy for the next couple minutes before Jenni finally said enough. They moved on to another topics for the remaining hour before they made it back to the house. Over the next couple days the girls spent time with Jordan and Niki and got their own time to go to the pool to sunbath and swim.  It was a relaxing rest of the week before they went back to Korea.
So how'd you like? finally get to see what brother thinks and omo this chapter had me going all of the place. plus so many emotions. oh yea the convo between jenni and sarah lol so fun to remember that conversation, in fact a picture described jenni and sarah to a T hehe.
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Life has caught up.....just checking to see if there was an update
this was so cute!! I likeeey!
I like the part when Namjoon breaks the chair lol
@JaxomB lol no update yet, your right life came up, its the end of summer so Sarah busy bee. 😊
Haha this was good...now what do I do...hmmm mm lol
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