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Ok. So two people know that I am working on my own mini Bixanna comic. Yes, I'm drawing it myself and coming up with a background story for Bixlow. (I hope it turns out ok!) I'm almost done with it. It should be done by Friday evening or Saturday noon. If there is anyone who would like to be tagged in the finished product comment below or send me a personal message. I'm tagging a few people just to see if they'd like to be tagged in the finish product as well! (☝☝ not my drawing btw) @AimeBolanos @Kell13 @LeshelleHoward @Boinx @watermage @Nyan @NessaB @YessicaCardenas
Yes please tag me!
I finally finished drawing! Took longer than I thought. All I need to do now is go over it with pen and color it in a bit. Should be posted sometime tomorrow
I wanna be tagged plz!
I wanna see it ^^
I want to read it!!!😁😁😁
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