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Guess who's the latest artist covering Taeyang's hit song "Eyes, Nose, Lips"? It's Day6, friends!

By now we all heard countless version of Taeyang's song and I've gather top 10 covers with their own flavor. Here's a challenge: If you can only listen to one cover for the rest of your life, which version would it be?!

1. Day6's Acoustic Version

2. Tablo's Hip Hop Version

3. Ben's Bittersweet Version

4. G. Soul's Jazzy Version

5. Jayeslee's Harmony Version

6. Eric Nam's English Acoustic Version

7. Adong Musician's Folk Pop Version

8. Lydia's R&B Version

9. Karla Vásquez's Spanish Version

10. Gem's Chinese Version

*Newly Discovered* Honorable Mention: Toppdogg's Version

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@merryjayne13 Jungkook from BTS or the Jungkook from Running Man? Lol
@JustinaNguyen Yeah, I don't know if I should call that a cover since Taeyang is also present but it sounded different. BTW, is Fantastic Duo a show?
@cindystran Yes, Fantastic Duo is a show on sbs. It's one of my favorite Korean singing shows at the moment.
tablos my fav followed by Eric nams and lydias
@cindystran Jungkook from BTS