I missed it when BTS wasn't as popular as they are now. I missed it when A.R.M.Y was 1/4 of what the fandom has grown into and some weren't as insane. I missed it when Bangtan was one of those kpop groups that you didn't know unless someone told you about them or you came across them on accident or something. I guess what I'm trying to say is, to put it mildly, I missed it when BTS was underrated.
Now BIG disclaimer: I've only been a fan of them for only a year and HYYH-era was when I became a fan. Plus, they stand as my ultimate bias group. However, looking back on them from 2013 til now it seemed like not that much drama had came across them. To me, they seemed to have a lot more fun and a lot less troubles back then. To me, all of that ended with War of Hormone and started with the HYYH series. It introduced a lot for fans, got the group a lot more and put them on top as one of the many household names of kpop-for better AND for worse.
I don't remember a lot of fan drama back in the day. Of course, one could make the arguement that it was because they weren't widely recognized but then again as far as A.R.M.Y goes and after what the fandom grew into: don't you think it would've been for the better, for the fans and for BTS?


I didn't make this post to slander BTS in any way. I'm not pointing fingers or calling anyone out. I'm not gonna start a "Make BTS unpopular" movement. This post wasn't made to force an opinion on anyone. I'm so, so, SO proud of Bangtan and all of their hardwork and dedication. I'm thankful that I have the privilege of calling myself a fan and getting to listen to their music. There are some A.R.M.Y out there that I am actually not afraid to call my friends. This is all opinion-based and please if you want to share your thoughts about this, always feel free.
I completely understand what you mean :) They have really worked so hard to where they are now and they have performed in places they used to only dream of. Sadly there is a price they pay for all their success and it does suck and the stress must be the worst. But i feel like because they are artists who follow their dreams and are determined hard workers they are going to continue to work their way to the top to become a group that everyone will remember and love for years to come. Even if that includes crazy fans, haters .. etc. They are strong individuals and can face anything that comes their way which is why we love them. So lets continue to support and love our boys like we have been doing. ^_^ ♡
I understand your point,but I'm sure that they feel the same way some times. but they worked so hard for what they have now. I miss the silliness the laughing and the full blown WTF moments, but I love the fact that I've seen them go from who are they to DAMN THEY BACK! they knew what to expect once they hit it so cherish the memories and look forward to what comes next
@LunaCordero thats so true. fame comes with sacrifices and im thankful for all the craziness that they brought along with it