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This is so cute <3 This gives me hope that people actually live like thisssss
@minjaeturtles yeah i agree with you, meeting that special someone is a blessing ...hmm, interesting how you say your emotions can become harden... sadly, i can relate but in my case its towards everyone, unlike you im super jaded b/c of past relationships rather it was friendship or more...a lot of ppl would never guess that abt me b/c overall i can easily socialize with ppl but i would never let anyone in and i tend to keep those around me at an arms length....my walls are up, always :( ....
@cheerfulcallie even me?!! hahaha..well I think you're perfectly right. It's all about effort and sacrifice from both sides, because no matter how some people are made for each other, there is always going to be some storm in the way to go through. But in the end, if you meet someone that you are willing to sacrifice that much for, I think that in itself is a blessing. Because after a while, you just don't feel that way about most people (of the opposite sex) you meet anymore, no matter how pretty/smart/nice/awesome they are :( your emotions become hardened..
@cheerfulcallie ideff agreeeeee!!!! i think that everyone has like a definition of what a good relationshipppppp! and i def think htat its hard to find someone that wil weather the storm togetherrr and even accept each other flawsss! i def think that this card is just a represenation of what so many people wantttt! but its so different to what is in real life... i so agree with you : )) @cheerfulcallie
@miranpark88 boo, there was no lost in translation, i completely understood what you were trying to say and i agree we all want that too... @saharjalpari9 please dont take what i said above to heart abt the dishes....i was just kidding/poking fun of relationships in general in response to @miranpark88 cmmt abt being scared that it might not be that way....even @minjaeturtle knew i was joking....im not sure how you could have misunderstood me?? trust me, i dont think negative abt marriage at all and i even went in depth adding my 2 cents of what makes a healthy relationship to me and thats having a balance of both the good and bad...if you cant weather the storm together and cant accept each others flaws then how will the relationship stand the test of time?? relationships in general rather its "friendship, romantic or marriage" takes WORK....trust, honesty, sacrifice, appreciation, compromise and most of all EFFORT from both sides in order for it to progress otherwise it just won't work....AND....sometimes the other person isn't willing to change or compromise therefore what do you do?? stay for true love b/c if thats what solidifies the relationship then okay....OR...walk away b/c you want someone willing to carry half of the burden in the relationship too, you decide....overall like @miranpark88 and im saying now...we all have our own definition of a healthy relationship...
@cheerfulcallie no offense but don't think 2 negatively abt marriage healthy married life do exist thr are actually married for 50 years I mean 50 years and still in love Lols but the main thing is marriage comes w compromise both sides need 2 compromise sacrifice understand and love each other for a marriage 2 last that long but it does happen but it's true one person always end up doing more then the other :) but they do live happily they might get annoyed but they still wanna get back tgthr that's just true love so just be hopeful have faith and think positive I hope u find dat true love and have a healthy married life :) <3
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