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So, here we go again, Starlights. Off on the journey to pre-order the new album, and ending up getting fucked over by both poster options! Here's the details of the album in a picture, and if you're too lazy to look, then I'll list it for you!
The normal album comes with:
1 photocard out of 6
1 out of 2 booklet styles(like Zelos, where the pages in the back were different)
1 out of 2 poster options
The Khino album comes with:
1 Khino card
1 Sign postcard out of 2 versions
1 31 piece photocard set(20 cards are fixed, and the other 11 are random)
1 out of 2 poster options
And here's my thoughts! Honestly, I like that they did the similar design to Zelos, with the slip cover and design of the album. I think all the albums of conception are going to be like this and I like that VIXX are consistent with it. I absolutely adore the backs of the photocards and I can already see myself collecting all of them. They'll definitely be a priority set for me, since Leo's features the eyepatch.
As for the poster, I don't like how both the options are so similar, so I'll get the group teaser picture. I'm probably going to buy the album without the poster and then buy the poster later. I tend to do that sometimes.
What are your thoughts on the packaging and contents of the album? Do let me know!
Also, tagging the Starlight babies!
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Ravi is priority one tbh, I'm loving the design, I would probably prefer getting poster version 2 if anything
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I'm so lost on the Khino thing haha I'm just going to buy both one for me and one for my youngest and we'll fight out it later
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@LunaCordero It's basically just a card you press to your smartphone so you can add the tracks and photos from the photobook to your phone.
a year ago·Reply
ooooooo @wonsikbrah ok thank you yea I'm buying both
a year ago·Reply
No problem!
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