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Two Vietnamese men after 40 years found in a forest. The now 82-year-old father was with his son now 41-year-old, fled into the forest after the bombing from the US, during the Vietnam War. Due to the long time in the woods, the men barely spoke Vietnamese, only the father spoke a few words in a local dialect. After investigation, they found out that the father had lived a long time in the village until one day a bomb landed on his house and killed his wife and children killed. In a neighboring village, he probably was panicked with his only surviving son, and took him to live in the forest for 40 years.
@Tapsamai why wouldn't he dare to come close to the guy??
yah i mean his father, ok now i would say the 80 years old man. It would be clearer ;D
@Tapsamai wait the man you mean his father????
another news stated that , the man's another son, did find him in the forest while ago. And each time year, he brought materials for him. But did not dare to come close to the guy.
Do you know how they were found? Coincidence?
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