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The Lord has his ways of cheering me up. From simple text messages of friends and family caring for me to verses from the bible and books. I thought it would be hard to smile again after a big heart break but letting go of someone you love could be the best thing you can ever do if you truly love. God is telling me to trust Him. I believe him. If my own parents love me like I am their world, how much more God who is love. I feel so happy and light each time I look forward to the promise "I have prepared greater things for you." I feel so free right now. Sometimes I miss my ex, but each time I think of God I know everything is going to be okay. So if you're heartbroken right now, my message is this "Let go, Let God."
amen...I was you months ago. yes let go and let God... I have two bracelets. one say let go and other says have faith. they are my reminder.
@linda yes! exactly. He's really amazing. God is good all the time. β™‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•
I know exactly what you mean. I thoughtI wasnt going to smile either but God had his way and I smiled the next week. God has a purpose so just keep on smiling πŸ˜„βœ¨
Bless you for this great piece.
not everyday you can see a selfie on this app😳
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