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The Lord has his ways of cheering me up. From simple text messages of friends and family caring for me to verses from the bible and books. I thought it would be hard to smile again after a big heart break but letting go of someone you love could be the best thing you can ever do if you truly love. God is telling me to trust Him. I believe him. If my own parents love me like I am their world, how much more God who is love. I feel so happy and light each time I look forward to the promise "I have prepared greater things for you." I feel so free right now. Sometimes I miss my ex, but each time I think of God I know everything is going to be okay. So if you're heartbroken right now, my message is this "Let go, Let God."
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nice soo kawaii
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amen...I was you months ago. yes let go and let God... I have two bracelets. one say let go and other says have faith. they are my reminder.
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without Photoshop.. too cute馃槏
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Bless you for this great piece.
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May God Bless You.
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