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Caption: Its been two years already? Let's meet again soon (I think that's what it says, I got it from another source) Channie also then commented he was taking songs requests to sing for us...I personally want to hear him sing Yellow by Coldplay, because I know he likes Coldplay and that's my favorite song in the world, it means so much to me>< But everyone wants to hear him sing Dream with Baek. Either way that's okie
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I'm waiting for that one day......probably in my dreams. @KatelynSummerso I don't care what song just one in English.
@Mercedesbenz98 Like when he did all of me and international exo-ls were over here just dying lol
His voice is lovely....he should share his gifted voice with the world more. Tbh that's all I want.....🎤🎤 @KatelynSummerso
Either way I just want to hear him sing.
channie is sooo precious <3 <3 just his voice makes my day <3 always <3 i always listen to my baby