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Natsume Asahina from: Brothers Conflict

Natsume is the 7th son of the Asahina family and what makes him outstanding is definitely his ripped body and anime abs. Just look at those muscles and their definition. No wonder he is so irresistible!

Kuroo Hazama from: Black Jack

Kuroo Hazama, or Black Jack, is a medical mercenary who likes playing a sort of Robin Hood game. He is a mysterious person, but there isn't really anything mysterious about his deliciously toned anime abs. He looks very handsome and is built in a perfect way that compliments his figure.

Kougami Shinya from: Psycho-Pass

Shinya Kougami is an enforcement officer who has a high criminal mentality according to Psycho-Pass, but his detective and fighting skills ensured him the Enforcer status. He is not only tall, dark and handsome, but his abs and physique are also quite outstanding.

Haruka Nanase and Makoto Tachibana from: Free!

Haruka NanaseHaru is a tsundere character who doesn't say a lot, but still attracts everyone's attention. It is not only his free swimming style that is so admirable, but also his perfectly toned anime abs, thighs and everything in between. Makoto TachibanaAnother guy from the Iwatobi High School swimming team whose hot anime abs are worth mentioning. He is always very considerate and kind to his friends and his physical appearance is close to perfection. Being a backstroke swimmer contributed to his fantastic looking shoulder blades. (yes I have two in this one but who cares xD)

Takamatsu from: Angel Beats!

Takamatsu is a mysterious, cool and composed guy who does not like showing off. However, it becomes apparent that he is the sort of guy who looks "thinner when clothed". His chiseled anime abs are really fantastic. He is very similar to Joujirou Takajou, both physically and mentally.
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@StarPlatinum @Lalaichan14 @Appless13 @NickDabon @bdburich627 @MaddyScoop I will do a part two :p this is just the ones that got more vote I wanted to put Natsu or Gajeel but they didn't have so many like this one's :(
I'm suprised basically every guy from fairy tail isn't on there lol
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@ChannelHot yas ik •3• @Fmcc Iyd xD
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